What’s Been Going On In The Elections?


  • Can you run in a slate on your own? Richard Gartland has rather cleverly been campaigning as VOTE PRIDE- a slate of one, I’ve not seen it before, but I like it!
  • The Huddersfield Hawks outwardly expressed on their Facebook page that they are supporting ACTION. No doubt this is due to the influence of Dean Scicluna, this could have huge political implications as that team is massive!
  • Becky House has been running under one of my favourite slogans ever. “House every day, not just for the weekend”. Brilliant.
  • DIVERSITY have posted a series of videos of their voters explaining why they are voting for them, a simple and potentially very effective political campaign.
  • Lucy Clarke brought a very friendly and slobbery Husky friend on campus, as this adorable dog has been receiving plenty of petting from stressed students who no doubt enjoyed petting that gorgeous dog.
  • IMPACT held a party last Wednesday which was hyper earlier but got all their candidates fired up (some literally covered themselves in orange paint!). This was to pre-thank their campaigners for their work. This seems to have lifted spirits, as IMPACT campaigners have been going hard these first two days.
  • Unfortunately complaints have been levelled to a few people, I’d like to remind all voters that you should only vote for someone if you understand why you want them to win, no matter if an Ipad is thrust in your face. As well as that I’d like to say to candidates that I, and I imagine most people, would respect a loser who campaigned properly more than a winner who ran a bad campaign.Their is one day left, so make sure to get your vote in and get ready for the results party! We look forward to writing more on these elections.

    By Daniel Stevens


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