The Hubbards at Live At Leeds – A Review

“He’s so cute”, says one woman to a friend at the front, as The Hubbards walk on and lead singer and bassist Reuben Driver begins cracking jokes, hailing from Hull, he jests, “we are from the East Riding of Yorkshire”, which was met with a mixture of cheers from their fellow Hullensians, and grumbles from those from elsewhere. Some songs to note that I recommend for listening were; ‘Just Touch’, ‘Box 42’, ‘Your Love Your Love’, ‘Good When I’m Done’ and ‘Body Confident’.

‘I could do what you want me to just reach out and touch me’, the opening lines to ‘Just Touch, almost invites the audience meet the band on the level of energy that they put into their performance, alas the crowd didn’t seem to be in the mood, which was a shame, as the guys put on a great show. Both ‘Just Touch’ and ‘Your Love Your Love’ showcased the range of Drivers vocals, along with the help of Alex Greens melodic, almost ‘Marr-esque guitar’, and light backing vocals, it was a live song that was true to the quality of its recorded counterpart.  ‘Body Confident’ kicks in with Driver singing, “Hey, how’ve you been?”, the song is carried by Ronan Burns intricate guitar and Orlowski’s powerful drums. The chorus was met by the first dances of the set from the crowd. It’s a song that encapsulates the sound and style of the band, a confident indie anthem.

Ever the animated front man, upon finishing ‘Born to Fly’ in the centre of their set, Driver takes a sip of water, “We only played that one because someone tweeted us saying ‘I hope The Hubbards play Born To Fly at Live at Leeds’, so that one was for you”, this was met by silence. “I bet he’s not even here is he… you were supposed to shout out then! Nobhead, blocked and deleted.” Of course, this was all in good taste.

Box 42, is a song more mellow than the ones joining it in the set, beginning with a distinct bassline accompanied by Burns the lyrics come quickly and are almost confessional, it’s not until the chorus that the drums come in and the crowd begins to nod along. In the way that ‘Body Confident’ is a confident indie anthem the same can be said for  ‘Good When I’m Done’. Recognisable by the opening riff which is repeated throughout the song and Drivers belting of the opening line; “What’s the point in doing all, those pretty pictures on your pretty wall?”, this gets the best reception from the crowd, feeding off of the seeming desperation in the lyrics and drivers voice, Greens backing vocals also come into their own in the chorus and during the break down, Burns’ guitar work is something reminiscent of something you’d here in an arena. This was the lead single off of their 2018 EP, ‘Pretty Grudge Pop’, the name perfectly encapsulates the music that the band create, and they’re surely destined for great things.

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