The Fyre: Review

The party that never happened! 

This documentary tells the story step by step of Billy McFarland and his FYRE festival (or lack of one). 

Chris Smith is the director of the exclusive Netflix original documentary detailing the disappointing music festival. This outrageous story starts its tale in 2013 when Bill McFarland founded his 1st gold mine “Magnisis”; a very exclusive invitation-only credit card.  

2017 is when it all truly kicked off for McFarland and the co-founder of FYRE, Ja Rule. Their plan was to create a magical festival, in the middle of nowhere, out of nothing. An island in the Bahamas, where notorious drug lord and murderer Pablo Escabar once lived, was chosen as the location. Smith shows the real brains and true intelligence of both Mr McFarland and Mr Rule. Thousands of people were persuaded, through the power of social media, to part with thousands of dollars. 

In their own ways, software programmers, media marketing experts, and top of the line event planners all told both founders that FYRE could never be a success. So, you think with multiple experts, old bosses, and friends telling Bill McFarland and Ja Rule that this festival was just not a realistic goal, that they would stop and think; but that would not make for a good film.  

Hundreds of people spent thousands and thousands of dollars on tickets for a music festival that was meant to be the party of the decade, an event that was advertised as anyone who is anyone will be there. Who in their right mind would miss that?  

Using flash back images and already prepared footage, captured from both Bill McFarland and Ja Rule filming their own non-stop party, Smith’s documentary takes you on the journey though the eyes of the con-men themselves, seeing it as they did. Also included are interviews from old bosses and employees of Bill, friends, and the people who went looking for a party and found a nightmare.    

With how engrossing this story is you, might be fooled in to thinking it has a happy ending. The social standing of McFarland, who cheated people out of thousands, was not enough to keep him from the claws of the law. He is now serving a six-year sentence in jail for fraud.  

This story is one that will go down in history as one of the biggest social media scams and has changed the way social media is looked in regards to marketing.  

At the end of the film multiple people have one thing in common, they are 100% positive this would not be the last time we heard the name Bill McFarland. But watch the film for yourself and make up your own mind as to whether Bill has learnt his lesson, or will he forever be a con-man? 

By  Amy Norman

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