The Tailormade: Coffee House Sessions.

Credit to Facebook/CoffeeHouseSessions

From busking on the streets of London to supporting the likes of supporting Madness for 15,000 people at Lytham festival, this indie 3-piece are making big waves in the music world.

With celeb fans such as Emma Thompson, Aaron, Matt and Jack have certainly made their presence in the industry felt with all the right kind people. Having met whilst all three were in university, The Tailormade have developed an enviable rapport between themselves, which does nothing but translate to the stage and influence their craft as musicians.

“We met whilst we were all studying at uni. I was studying musical theatre, Aaron was studying technical theatre, Matt was studying drama and tech. So naturally we have all been passionate about performance, its not something we have had to force, which is nice” says Jack.

And their creativity didn’t just stop at the classroom door. Back in 2015, The Tailormade were named by Boris Johnson as ‘London’s best buskers’.

“When we all moved to London, there was a competition held to find London’s best buskers, so we just entered it, you know not really hoping for much, we didn’t really know much about it but just turned up and we eventually ended up winning! The team that ran the competition were amazing” says Matt. “Plus we ended up getting some really cool gigs from it!”

The Tailormade have recently concluded their own tour, but are currently enjoying the madness of ‘The Coffee House Tour’, “It’s been absolutely amazing. It’s great traveling to different locations and meeting loads of different people and just sharing our music. That’s why we do what we do, to share our stories’.

The Tailormade’s most recent single ‘Mr. Perfect’ is out now and available to stream, buy or download. The single heavily draws on the group’s past experience and mishaps with love and is certainly very relatable!

Keep up to date with The Tailormade via their social media or head over to their website for the latest up and coming news;

These guys are going to be huge, so get in with them now and enjoy.

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