SU Elections Results Night: What Went Down

Photo Courtesy of Huddersfield SU

What a night!

Three days of voting and endless volumes of campaigning later, the new team of Exec Officers and their President were revealed in The Warehouse during the Student Union Election Results night.

Students and candidates gathered to witness the revelation of the winners, the atmosphere was cheerful and optimistic – no hint as to what was yet to come.

First position to be determined was VP for Communications and Engagement. Three wonderful candidates participated in this year’s election: Luke Goodwin, Carys-Fleur Wilkes and Emma Denny, but there could only be one winner: Emma Denny whom we wish all the best as a VP.

Next up, VP for Wellbeing & Equalities. Too bad that not all of the candidates could be winners, what with the passion we saw from them during the candidate interviews as well as question time. Brave to the very end were Seona Smith, Jess Pickthall, Nicola Edwards, Lianne Hunter and Lucy Clarke and not all may have won the title, but they all have won our hearts. Lianne Hunter was elected as a VP and by all means she has proven herself a steadfast figure.

This was the point when it seemed that something was amiss. There was a murmur of discontent in the audience.

After a break, the VP for Education was announced. Christina Shevill, Janet Lekakis, Charlotte Jackson and Vu Vu – a round of applause to these candidates and the strength they’ve shown throughout the campaign. Charlotte Jackson was elected VP – congratulations from us at T’HUD.

When the winner, Charlotte Jackson, was announced, the audience began to express greater discontent that hid an underlying concern. The concern was that the crowd were faced with a team who, not only allegedly employed harassment tactics, but have been accused of cheating to get votes.

VP for Student Activities was, from the very beginning, a lucrative position and a staggering number of seven candidates campaigned to win. Thank you Rebekah House, Hannah Hilton, Richard Gartland, Connor Yeates, Dilara Changis and Dean Scicluna for the effort you put into your campaigns and the amazing ideas you brought to the table. Dilara Changis was elected VP and we hope to see him make some changes around campus.

Dilara Changis met some uneasy audience members, who were personally holding Diversity in contempt due to their methods of campaigning. The uneasy audience let some of their concern and discontent bubble over, where overwhelming support was expressed for everyone… except Dilara Changis. There was very little applause, Dilara had to conduct a speech that was sporadically attacked by the audience from left, right and centre, and then exit through a storm of “booing” from the audience.

Now it was time for the role that everyone had been waiting for to be revealed. Sam Forrest, Tanya Fozzard and Sabrina Hussain were all candidates for the position as President of the SU. Again, there could only be one president and it was Sabrina Hussain who took home the title.

The election results night finally hit its peak, and really became something shocking. With 4 members of the Diversity slate in secure places within Vice President roles, you could feel that people were fearing that Diversity were going to whitewash this year’s elections, even after 2 warnings and a sanction. Emotions took control as the candidates were announced, where audience members chanted Sam Forrest’s name, and cheered for Tanya Fozzard, while Sabrina Hussain, a member of Diversity, had to face the breaking point of the disgruntled audience who let out a tremendous “boo”.

Soon, the eyes of audience members were fixed upon the screen and at one another, not believing what they were seeing or hearing as Sabrina Hussain was announced the winner. But when Sabrina came up to make her speech, the disgruntled audience, who wanted their voices to be heard, quite vocally expressed their discontent with her winning. Some audience members decided to chant “Cheat”, while others were more fruitful with their choice of words. In the exact same way, but much worse, that Dilara was attacked, Sabrina had to fight to speak over the crowd… even with the microphone.

The night started on a high and gradually became something no one wanted anything to do with, ending on a low at Warehouse.
Other candidates who lost, expressed their pride in running a clean campaign. Migrating to Lloyds, the high returned and a camaraderie between the candidates, who ran a clean campaign, peaked.

The free alcohol at Warehouse was great, it numbed the pain of the whitewash. Despite everything, it’s fair to say everyone had as good a time as they could, when they were finally able to relax after three tense days of campaigning.

So, how do you feel the results evening went? Let us know in the comments below…

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