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For those who haven’t been living under a rock or camping out in the library to get those deadlines met, it will be no surprise that the annual SU elections have been taking place at The University this week.

You’ve been asked to vote, seen more green and blue than a day out at Teletubby land and are ready to tell the next stranger to come up to you on campus to eff off and take their manifesto with them, but despite what seems like a load of hassle and popularity contesting, it really does matter. This year has seen some brilliant candidates canvas for your support and in my own personal three years at Uni, this has been the cleanest election so far. Heck, I’ve even seen rival team members hug. Who’d have thunk it?

For the rest of the evening, T’Hud will be locked in at Rhubarb to live blog you all the thrills, spills and not-so-graceful grins of your winners and runners up. Apologies in advance for typos or misspelt names – all will be corrected in due course when the pressures of timing are less stressful. Most importantly, good luck everyone! The fact that you all care enough about our SU to campaign with such commitment really does bring a tear of pride to my eye, and as naff as the old cliche goes, you really are all winners and make our university what it is.

Get involved and tweet us at @thudmagazine, and make sure to tune in to our collegues at Radio Hud, who are also broadcasting live from the event.

7.15 – Seemingly the first candidate to arrive, VP Activities hopeful Michael Brown is looking pretty suave in a suit.


7.12 – Reform’s very own Mai Dam, running for VP Activities is looking lovely tonight. She seems very excited!


7.23 – Just had a lovely catch-up with ex Education Exec Steven Brown, who’s put in a special appearance tonight. Who knows how many pints he’ll sink? Hey, who’s counting?


7.24 – Alex Humphries of Evolve arrives! How does your potential new VP for Comms and Democracy rate his chances? ‘I wasn’t nervous walking down, but I am now.’ Not long till we find out!


7.30 – There is a LOT of champers being put into place ready for our candidates. Hope everyone’s thirsty!


7.32 – Lammy Jones, svengali of team reform has arrived. The man behind their campaign strategy, what does he make of all this? ‘Tonight matters.’ A man of few words, but enigmatic ones nonetheless. We hear you Lammy!

7.33 – Current VP Comms and Democracy Coco Toma drew a lot of attention last year for her win that divided a slate. Can she pull the same trick again?


7.38 – Big Dog Matt Mills is in the house! ‘I’m excited to hear the results’. You and me both Matt!

7.40 – Radio Hud are now up and running, winner! Exit poll results will be up in 10 at 7.50.

7.42 – Dave Speed, Reform’s candidate for President has just arrived. Do you have a need for speed? Enjoy wearing Speedo’s? Not long till we find out…


7.46 – Whoever picked the playlist tonight, kudos to you. If we don’t get some fist-pumping Coldplay when results are announced though, there may be trouble.

7.47 – T’Hud’s very own Kev Lawson will be hitting Radio Hud’s airwaves momentarily to bring you the exit poll results. Sit tight…

7.49 – I wish Joan Rivers were here, because there are some cracking Fashion Police contenders in here tonight. In a good way, I promise! Excellent suits and dresses all round.

7.51 – A mere 21 minutes later, and half the champers is nowhere to be seen. Hope nobody is going to have an Alex Turner at The Brits moment…

7.52 – Arrivals from Reforms Nia Solovyova (running for VP Education) and Georgia Salter (NUS Delegate). Good luck girls!

7.54 – T’Hud Writer and Unpopular Pop on Radio Hud presenters Abbey and Sam are also here. Sam, stay away from that champagne!

7.57 – Not seen Rhubarb this packed in yonks. Not sure there are enough drinks to go round!


7.58 – Exit Poll are out, confirming a landslide win for Reform in all 5 exec positions. HOWEVER, as Ellie Goulding once wisely said, anything can happen and our poll is in no way conclusive, so they’ll be no celebrating from Team R just yet!

7.59 – Big up by the way, to all at Radio Hud for some incredibly professional and unbiased coverage this week. You’ve done the uni proud and hopefully set a precedent for the sort of student media involvement we can look to our next Comms and Democracy Officer to build on. Just look at these cheeky faces!


20.02 – Another suave suit alert in the form of Ashley Lau, Evolve’s Education candidate. Looking good Lau!


20.03 – It remains to be seen whether Evolve’s Callum Adams can take the crown as our next Activities Officer, but I think he may well have just nabbed T’Hud’s best dressed. Just look at that jacket! Tinie Tempah better watch out. Here is with George Gill, who is hoping to prevail as hopefully VP Comms and Democracy.


20.09 – Just spotted Ryan Beeforth, Evolve’s presidential candidate. How’s he feeling? ‘Anxious’. Short but sweet.


20.12 – Reform’s VP Welfare and Equalities candidate Chris Shanks is in the building, joined by Women’s rep Candidate Lorna Gray. They’ve told T’Hud that together they plan to implement a ‘no means no’ policy on campus if elected, a very admirable manifesto point. Good luck to them and all other candidates…



20.18 – Including Unity’s Alysia Ford, also running for VP Wellbeing and Equality and sporting a Unity Blue dress. T’Hud loves a bit of patriotism!

20.19 – We’ve been joined at our vantage point by Lammy Jones, who has managed Reform’s election campaign. How does he feel at the news that Reform triumphed in our exit poll? ‘We need to be cautious I think. The people who engaged in the exit poll are likely to be those involved in the student media and also student council and have a bit of insight into what Team Reform have already been pushing through there, so whilst I feel we’re run a great campaign, the popularity and competition of Unity and Evolve shouldn’t be underestimated.’

20.22 – Radio Hud’s Matt Jaggar beavering away on the social media. get involved with us at @thudmagazine or over on Facebook, we’d love to know who you think is going to win!


20.23 – A few words from ex president Matt Christie – ‘good luck to everyone, I know how nervewracking it can be. Let’s hope the right candidates win.’ Oooooh, we wonder who Matt’s putting his money on?


20.27  – For your latest #champagneupdate, all glasses are now empty and being refilled. Good work student body! 

20.29 – Word on the street is that your new SU President will be formally announced around 10pm this evening. Best get comfortable!

20.31 – It’s starting (I think). Current President Nosheen Dad and Current VP Activities Matt Wheelton to the front!

20.32 – False alarm. Unfortunately we are experiencing some technical issues. Back to the champers.

20.33 – Quick catch up with Jordan Aird, standing for VP Activities and repping Team Unity.


20.35 – Still Struggling with mic’s here at Rhubarb, Thank god Radio Hud’s coverage is so good.

20.36 – Cheers from the amassed candidates as…. Happy by Pharrell Williams comes on the jukebox. Big Tune

20.38 – Jenessa is back from a perilous trip to the loos. So busy she found herself rubbing an uncomfortable amount of skin with these fellows


20.40 – ohhh looks like we have some action photos of the all the campaigners from throughout the week up on the big screen.

20.42 – Nosh is on the mic, here we go…


20.44 – Pretty rousing stuff for Nosh so far, although the excitement is clearly getting too much for some. Please guys, quieten down, s**t is getting serious!

20.45 – Oooooh, a shoutout! Thank Nosh! If you fancy reading the article she’s talking about written by yours truly, pick up a copy of the T’Hud Elections Special on campus now or check it out here.

20.46 – Good luck everyone! Now to ‘our stud’ Matt Wheelton for the numbers…. 75 candidates, 35 hours of voting, 25% voter turnout (better than ever!) 4058 voters, 20,004 ballots… ace!


20.48 – NUS DELEGATE GOES TO… Josh Norman, Georgia Salter, Shah Islam, Nicole Natur. Congrats Guys!




20.56 – And we’re back! Time for UNION CHAIR. The winner is…Shah Islam by a landslide over Ron. Yeah, you show that Ron!


20.57 – NUS OPEN PLACE goes to… Josh Norman, Kiran Kaur Thind, Jess Pickthall, Maria Saleem, Daniel Stevens


20.59 – LGBT REP goes to…George Ford! Congrats George


21.00 – Students With Disabilities Rep – Christina Shevill!


21.01 – International Students Rep – Zhu Tian Sheng!


21.02 – Women’s Rep – Lorna Gray! Well done Lorna, well deserved!


21.03 – BME Rep – Ismail Lunat!

21.04 – Students with Dependents Rep – Stevie Oliver!


21.05 – Postgraduate Research Rep – Steve Howe!


21.06 – Mature Students Rep – Jack McCabe!


21.07 – Applied Sciences Rep – Anyanwu Princess Peace!


21.08 – Art, Design and Architecture Rep – Tevin Nyansimera


21.09 – Business Rep – Nicole Natur. Poor Matt Turner, just one vote in it!



21.10 – Computing and Engineering Rep – Sajjad Naseer


21.10 – Education and Professional Development Rep – Katie Fallas


21.11  – Human and Health Sciences Rep – Nadine Rooney


21.12 – Jenessa’s fingers are about to fall off after that little run of announcements! Congratulations to all our new school reps, a very important job often overlooked. Go forth and conquer!

21.16 – We will be back in half an hour for the 5 big positions. The excitement is palpable!



21.19 – Our current VP for Education and hopeful President Josh Elderfield has finally been sighted! Will the sporting champ win? We’ll find out in half an hour!


21.28 – We’re joined in our treehouse hub by Lorna Gray. How the devil is she feeling? ‘I’m completely overwhelmed at the sheer number of people that voted, it’s crazy!’



21.32 – VP COMMS AND DEMOCRACY GOES TO… COCO TOMA OF REFORM! Two years in a row, the girl MUST be good!


21.36 – VP EDUCATIONS GOES TO…MICHAEL MCGOUGAN OF UNITY. Congratulations Michael! A mixed slate already! Can we expect an EVOLVE winner soon?




21.39 – Another 15 minute break… are they trying to kill us with anticipation?!

21.43 – We’re joined by Alex Humphries of Evolve, who sadly missed out on Comms and Democracy but can be commended for his sporting attitude to defeat. ‘We kept it as clean as possible. There’s nothing I would have done differently, I had a fantastic team behind me. If anything, I’m pleased with how things has turned out, we have three part time positions which is great. We said from the beginning a win for the individual is a win for the team. Everyone has put so much effort in, it’s been a great experience.’ Alex is planning on staying engaged in the SU, with a great transitional period coming up for Radio Hud, where he is currently station manager, and lots of great events left in the student calendar. Alex wishes to extend his congratulations to the Radio Hud team, who we can all agree have done more than ever before on the station and have nailed election coverage this week. Long live student media!


21.48 – And we’re back. our presenters becoming understandable frustrated at the rowdiness of tonights audience. Pipe down guys!

21.49 – VP FOR WELLBEING AND EQUALITIES IS…ALYSIA FORD OF UNITY. A close one there. Congratulations Alysia, we’re sure you’ll do a great job. In this category especially with such a tight margin, commiseration’s to the runners up are in order, especially to Chris Shanks who put up a phenomenal fight and has been instrumental in change for students over the past year, as well as writing for T’Hud. We at the magazine hope candidates like Chris remain involved in the SU even if they aren’t elected, because at moments like these we are reminded just how many students really care about our university, and it would be a sorry loss to forget all his hard work.



21.53 – VP FOR ACTIVITIES IS… JORDAN AIRD OF UNITY. The crowd has gone wild! Congratulations Jordan, looking forward to seeing that fro around Student Central!



21.59 – Another break before we discover our new president. On behalf of T’Hud, I wish to congratulate all candidates for running a clean fight and emphasise that there really is no way of guessing where these things will go. You’ve all put in huge amounts of work and whilst it’s easy to become disheartened, your passion has not gone unnoticed. In terms of how our exec is shaping up, congrats to Coco, Michael, Alysia and Jordan… even if the team is predominantly one slate, it’s great to see a mix of men and women… but which guy is going to top it off? Dave, Ryan or Josh… who’s your Students Union President? Hopefully we’ll find out soon…

22.05 – We’ve been joined by a very breathless and shocked Jordan Aird, your new Activities VP.  ‘Unfortunately George didn’t get in, but I’m sure he’ll run again. It’s crazy to win because I could see from the first day it was going to be super close, as we can see from the results so far. But I’m so excited to get started. The two previous Activities VP’s work was what inspired me to run and I’m looking forward to carrying on their good work.’

22.08 – Time to announce El Presidente! Your new SU PRESIDENT IS…Josh Elderfield. A promotion from his current work as VP Education. Good luck in your new position Josh and commiserations to Dave Speed and Ryan Beeforth, who were equally talented and capable candidates.



22.16 – And that’s a wrap!
To summarise, your new Execs are –
VP Education – Michael McGougan
VP Comms and Democracy – Coco Toma
VP Wellbeing and Equalities – Alysia Ford
VP Activities – Jordain Aird
President – Josh Elderfield

That’s a majority from Unity, with only Coco Toma representing Reform, and no execs from Team Evolve. Now that all the fun and games are over,  it’s time to hold our new execs accountable to what they promised. As members of the SU, you’ve put your weight behind these people, and are responsible for making sure they give YOU the best student experience possible. Congratulations to all winners and have a great term in office guys!

To all those  who got involved, whether that be candidates, campaign teams, voters or supporters, you make the SU what it is. Thankyou to everyone who took part in our exit poll, to Radio Hud for supporting our coverage and to everyone who has enjoyed my rambling this evening. Now, get yourself out on the town!


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