Social media phenomenon: the egg

How many likes do your selfies get?


On 4th January 2019 an account called @world_record_egg posted a photo of a regular egg with a caption “Let’s set a world record together and get the most liked post on Instagram. Beating the current world record held by Kylie Jenner (18 million)! We got this#LikeTheEgg#EggSoldiers#EggGang“, and it did, indeed, succeed in what it wanted to accomplish. With 52.4 million likes, 3 million comments and 10 million followers, this is the biggest social media phenomenon this year so far.

The man behind the account is revealed to be a Londoner Chris Godfrey, who works for creative agency The & Partnership in central London. In an interview with New York Times, he was asked why he chose an egg as the main actor he says: “An egg has no gender, no race or religion. An egg is an egg, it’s universal.” And admits he posted the picture as an experiment.

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Since the first shared photo, there have been 4 more posts added on the @world_record_egg. All of them the same picture of the egg but a bit more cracked than the original one. In the latest video posted on 4th February, the egg is shown cracking under the pressure of social media and spreading the message: “If you’re struggling too, talk to someone. We got this.” Advertised by Mental Health America, the video is promoting website “” , which provides useful mental health links according to the country you are in.

With The Egg becoming a social media star, it has also got its own e-mail and merchandise available to purchase. A hoodie, t-shirt or a hat, if you are proud that “I liked the egg”, or are part of the “Egg Gang” you can now order the items online and, quoting the website, “tell the world how you made history!”

All in all, it’s fair to say @world_record_egg has proven the simplicity of humanity and the  rapidity of sharing things online. And it is a pleasure to see its publicity and sudden fame  used in the best way possible – promoting the importance of mental health. The record holder has only been around for one month, so we still need to keep our eyes open and see how one simple but special egg is going to change the world next.

By Annija Brence

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