Sex Education on Netflix, it’s exactly what you think it is:

Sex Education on Netflix is an interesting series, starring Asa Butterfield who has appeared in films such as The Space Between Us, and Ender’s Game.

Asa Butterfield plays teenager Otis Milburn, who surprisingly can’t get it on, besides being surrounded by a plethora of sexual references and innuendos, for his mother, Jean Milburn is a sex therapist. Yes, a sex therapist.

But in a high school where everyone is nearly having sex, about to have sex and is having sex, it feels very weird for Otis, but Otis has a hidden talent in a school full of sex obsessed teenagers; he can be a sex therapist, well an underground sex therapist operating in the dilapidated school toilets with a girl.

His first client, Adam the headmaster’s boy who can’t ejaculate, decides to take Viagra but realises he can’t do anything about it, so he enlists Otis’s advice and Otis manages to get Adam’s penis to deflate, and this inspires Adam to confirm the rumours about his overly large penis to everyone in the school canteen, by performing public indecency.

Which leads to Otis trying his best to be a teenage sex therapist, but through all this, he starts to develop a mild crush on Maeve, the girl who ropes him into underground sex therapy. But despite all this, Otis still can’t get it on and his mother, Jean Milburn is constantly on about it. And it looks like Jean is writing a book about Otis, which was obvious to the viewers, but not to Otis.

Regardless, Otis’s underground sex therapy service hits a snag and he receives an invite to a house party, where he decides to give free advice, where he manages to resolve another relationship. But he meets a girl, who is obsessed with living out her sexual fantasises with anyone who’ll say yes, Otis invites her over, but has a panic attack at the last moment, thus alienating himself from this girl.

Its when Otis realises his mother is writing a new book about him “A sexually repressed teenager” and he tries to isolate himself from her. Meanwhile Eric, Otis’s best friend who is in detention for insulting the drama teacher, gets into a fight with Adam, the headmaster’s teenage soon and they have a sensual experience.

By the end of the series, Otis realises that he isn’t cut out to be a sex therapist like his mother, kisses a girl and manages to finally ejaculate.

All in all this is a very funny series and I can’t wait for season 2 to come to Netflix.

By Ryan Burnell



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