Ralph Taylor: Coffee House Sessions.

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Did you manage to catch Ralph Taylor play on Valentine’s day? T’Hud writer, Tom Bithell chatted to him after his successful set about family, music, and cricket!

Ed Sheeran, cricket and a loss of love. What do those things have in common? Ralph Taylor takes some time out to talk with T’hud magazine, discussing how these three things have changed his life…

At the tender age of 16, Ralph Taylor, now 19 years old, began his journey to find musical success, by upping sticks and braving the harsh cold reality of the big city; London.

“We moved to Framlingham, Suffolk when I was younger,” he says. “I was there around the same time Ed Sheeran was rising. I began to do gigs around that area, I actually saw Ed before all the fame and it was by seeing him and how he made it to where he was that inspired me to do the same. It was wicked.”

Although Ed Sheeran was the inspiration he needed to pursue his dream of becoming a musician, Ralph had always had an unsuppressed hunger for music, and began playing around with sounds and music at around 13.“Music has always been something I wanted to do. It’s always been there, so I knew it was something I just had to do.”

Since the big move, Ralph has gone on to perform over 100 gigs in and around London and has even performed at Boardmaster festival. He was on the main stage at El Dorado Festival just last summer. But music hasn’t always been Ralph’s most prominent passion in life.
“Before all of this, I used to play cricket and hockey quite seriously. I loved it and I enjoyed it but I gave it up to do music,” Ralph confesses. “The sport just got too serious too fast for me and it put me off. It was a loss of love.”

It was through this loss of love, however, that his passion for music came into play, and Ralph can’t see himself waking off of this playing field anytime soon. “I can 100% say this is what I want to do. I want to do this and take it to the end, wherever that may be.”

Since moving to Suffolk, Ralph has studied for a music diploma at the British & Irish Modern Music Institute, the place where he also found his bandmates.
“It all just fell together. After seeing Tom Misch perform at a gig, I just knew I had to get myself a band together. So, the next day I went into Bimm and just messaged a few mates.”

As a consequence of Ralph’s eagerness to form a band, three of his friends quickly jumped at the chance to join him on the voyage to success. Josh Cameron now plays the drums, his twin brother, Taylor Cameron, is the lead guitarist and Will Pavli is on bass.“It’s come together nicely, it’s been wicked.”

And when it comes to family, Ralph has nothing but admiration and gratefulness towards his. “My family have been amazing. I can’t fault them. I have three sisters and they have been nothing but a massive help. I wouldn’t be where I am now if it wasn’t for my family. My dad is a headteacher though, so I am sure he has gotten some stick for it at times ha ha.”

Ralph is currently embarking on the Coffee House Tour all around the UK. You can stay up to date with his goings on via his twitter @ralphtaylor100.

His latest single ‘Limit’ is out now and available to stream or purchase, and his upcoming single ‘Eyes’ drops on the 16th March 2018.

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