As students, sometimes it can get a little overwhelming with different deadlines and assignments pilling up everywhere. With examinations coming up, we could all use a little help to keep us on track and ensure that we can manage all that we need to do.

Here are some of the productivity apps and websites for students that you can use to help you get through these hectic weeks.


1) StayFocusd – Google Chrome Extension

If you mainly use Google Chrome to browse the internet, you can install the free StayFocusd extension to help you stay productive. You can create your own ‘Blocked List’ and ‘Allowed List’, where you can add different sites to each list.

You can then set a time limit on how many hours (or minutes) per day that you can spend on your ‘Blocked List’. Once your daily limit is up, the extension will block all the sites on your ‘Blocked List’ so that you can no longer waste time on the distracting sites.

Added bonus: It comes with a ‘Nuclear’ option, which comes in handy when you absolutely need to focus on your work. It allows you the option to either block all the sites on your ‘Blocked List’, or block all sites except those on your ‘Allowed List’, for a specific period (i.e. 48 hours or 400 hours).


2) OneTab – Google Chrome Extension

Have you ever opened so many different tabs at the same time while doing your research? Well, OneTab can help you!

This is another Google Chrome extension that you can use when you are doing your research for your assignment / dissertation. It helps you to minimize all your tabs into one list and allows you to reopen them later, either individually or all at once.


3) EverNote / Simplenote / OneNote / Google Docs

These are just some of the many different note-taking apps that you can use, depending on what platform and features you prefer. You can use this to help you keep track of your notes on different devices, as it would allow you to save your notes online and sync it to your other devices.

Most importantly, most of these are available for free! As a student at the University of Huddersfield, you also have access to the Office 365, which comes with the OneNote app that you can download to your laptop.


4) CamScanner

Do you need to scan a document in a rush, but you don’t have the time to run to the library to use the scanner/printer? Fret not! The free CamScanner app allows you to take a picture of a document and convert it into a PDF file for you. It would also allow you to make minor adjustments (lighting, contrast, brightness, etc) before you save it.


Of course, there are other apps and websites out there designed to help you manage your workload and responsibilities. Make sure you choose the ones that best fit your needs to ensure that they are not redundant!

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