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    Best of Both Worlds – and Education Systems.

    I consider myself lucky – I get to spend 4 years pursuing my undergraduate studies in the United States of America, and now I’m here in the United Kingdom, pursuing my 1-year postgraduate studies. Coming from a small Southeast Asian country named Malaysia, being able to pursue my studies in two different countries has been an opportunity of a lifetime. It has helped shape my perspectives and showed me a whole new side of the world. Today, I want to share just some of my experiences in these two different education systems. 1) Slight differences in the naming conventions. I find it both interesting and confusing at how we name…

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    Why joining a society or sports club is a good idea

    Sometimes, when you’re focusing on deadlines and essays, it’s easy to forget that there’s so much more to university than lectures, seminars and assignments. Here at the University of Huddersfield, we have plenty of different extra-curricular sports, academic groups and social clubs to keep everyone entertained; but joining in with student-led societies is definitely one of the best things you can do at uni for many more reasons… 1. Meeting new people, and making new friendships Joining a new society/sports club also means that you’re joining a whole bunch of other members. It’s a fantastic way of getting to know people that you wouldn’t perhaps mix with on your course-…

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    Why the age for smear testing should be lowered 

     5 reasons why I believe the age for smear testing should be lowered:   1. At 18 years old, I can get married without parental consent. I can join the armed forces. I can even buy a house if I’m in the financial position to. But I must wait 7 years more before I’m eligible for a smear test, as the risks of me having a smear test, are considered to outweigh the benefits.  

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    How to pick yourself up after a low assignment grade: tips and motivators

    Time at university is full of surprising ups and downs, self-actualisation, and opportunities to improve and develop yourself to a professional level, and therefore, failures and let-downs are a very regular part of student life. Of course, no one likes to fail, but as much as we are wary of it, it is guaranteed and necessary if we want to make something out of ourselves. In fact, the only way you can avoid failure is never trying in the first place. Despite realising this, failure is painful and often difficult to accept. When faced with it, a lot of people do not know what to do next, or how to…

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    Top Books and Films for February!

    Since February is a month widely associated with happiness, as it plays host to Valentine’s Day, and reading and movie nights are two things that make me very happy, I thought I’d share some of my top recommendations for books and movies with connections to love for you to enjoy this month. My choices may seem a bit odd at first but bear with me and all will become clear. Books Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone I will take every opportunity I get to rave about the Harry Potter series, but do not think that I’ve shoe-horned this book in here for the sake of it. The first instalment…

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    Slam Dunk Festival 2019 – Final Artists Announced!

    Today, Slam Dunk announced the final wave artists for the 2019 festival. The stand out names from this announcement are UK pop punk heavyweights, Neck Deep, Boston Manor and As It Is, as well as big names from across the pond in The Plot In You and grandson.   This year’s festival will be the 14th edition of the alternative rock festival, but this year will be the first time that the Leeds date won’t be in the city centre. Instead, the organisers have acquired Temple Newsam Park, a short shuttle bus journey away from the city centre. This move followed a successful trial of the “South” leg of the festival,…

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    Life in the Care System

    The number of children in care has reached new highs, with 90 young people entering the care system every day and frankly…I’m not surprised.  In the midst of continuous slices to children’s centres and nearby family support services, the quantity of cared for youngsters in England and Wales reached 72,670 in the year prior to March 2017 – denoting the greatest yearly flood of kids in care in seven years. The ascent in youngsters entering care has been put down to issues in family units, for example, destitution, poor lodging and substance abuse, which specialists said can be put down to cuts to local services intended to tackle them. As…

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    Gaming: A Week in Review – 13/02/19

    Hello! This is going to be the first of my weekly gaming digests, small articles where I go over recent major events of interest in the gaming industry, and boy have we got some interesting events to go over. PC Building Simulator comes out of Early Access into a fully-fledged game: PC Building Simulator, a game that does exactly what it says on the tin, without any fuss, or hassle. This game has been in Steam Early Access since March, and since then its grown into a fully-fledged game over the months, and has received a host of updates which add more and more content to the game, some major…

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    Russian Doll: Heart at the Core of Netflix’s New Dark Comedy

    Natasha Lyon is having a bad day, again and again and again, in Netflix’s sensational Groundhog Day-esque comedy drama. Nadia (Natasha Lyon) is celebrating her 36th birthday at her friend Maxine’s (Greta Lee) apartment, a massive downtown Manhattan space lavished with modern art. The room is filled with culturally rich friends, drink, drugs and fine food. After leaving the party to go looking for her missing cat, Nadia is hit by a taxi. Seconds later we are back at the party and Nadia is back in the exuberantly decorated bathroom we started in. And there in a nutshell is Nadia’s predicament. No matter what she chooses, she just cannot make…

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    Sex Education on Netflix, it’s exactly what you think it is:

    Sex Education on Netflix is an interesting series, starring Asa Butterfield who has appeared in films such as The Space Between Us, and Ender’s Game. Asa Butterfield plays teenager Otis Milburn, who surprisingly can’t get it on, besides being surrounded by a plethora of sexual references and innuendos, for his mother, Jean Milburn is a sex therapist. Yes, a sex therapist. But in a high school where everyone is nearly having sex, about to have sex and is having sex, it feels very weird for Otis, but Otis has a hidden talent in a school full of sex obsessed teenagers; he can be a sex therapist, well an underground sex…