My Best Gig Experiences

As a music journalism student, and as a fan of music in general, I have attended many many gigs in my lifetime. But certain artists have provided experiences which have left me feeling a different way compared to other gigs. This article will go through my top five gig experiences.

  1. Eminem – Leeds Festival 27/8/17

Where else to start. Marshall Mathers, Slim Shady, “The King of Rap.” Eminem is arguably the biggest artist who I have seen perform live and seeing him live was something that I’ve wanted to tick off my bucket list for a long time. My view wasn’t great as the crowd stretched so far back, but what else would you expect when a 15-time Grammy Award winner is performing in your country? However, this still didn’t stop me from enjoying his mighty 32 song set-list featuring songs which I grew up listening to and still enjoy today.

  1. You Me At Six – Rock City Nottingham 9/12/18

You Me At Six are one of the first bands who I became a fan of when I was straying away from pop music and becoming entering my emo phase. Although I became a fan of them in 2010 during their Hold Me Downera, Take Off Your Colourswill always be one of my favourite albums of all time and during this tour, they were playing TOYC in full. However, this gig was not only special because they were playing one of the first ever albums I fell in love with, but I went with a close friend who I had met through the band. Seeing songs such as ‘Always Attract’ and ‘The Rumour’ being performed was really nostalgic, and seeing bands do 10 year anniversary tours is something which I wish more bands did.

  1. ONE OK ROCK – Heaven London 5/12/18

It’s not often that bands from East Asia come to play in Europe, so when they do, they only really do a gig in London. But this gig was 100% worth travelling to the capital for. I had seen videos of ONE OK ROCK in Japan, and they are huge, and when I say huge, I mean HUGE. They play sold out stadiums and domes constantly over in Japan, so seeing them play in a nightclub in London was actually quite mad as it’s effectively an intimidate show for them. The energy shown by every member was the exact same as their shows in Japan, except they just didn’t have enough stage space to run about on. There is something about ONE OK ROCK which just sets them apart from other rock bands, from their stage presence to their ability to sing in both English and Japanese and the music itself.

  1. Architects – Victoria Warehouse Manchester 15/1/19

I used to be just like a lot of people, I used to be scared of heavy music. But as I got older, I learnt to appreciate more music genres and Architects are one of the first metal-core bands who I listened to. I had already seen them once before, at Leeds Festival 2017, but this show as part of their Holy Helltour was breath-taking. As always at an Architects show, there was fire, huge pits and wave of emotions. Hearing the new songs live was great, as Holy Hell was one of the best albums released in 2018 in my opinion, but hearing old songs too was amazing. During ‘Gone With The Wind,’ a song which goes through the late Tom Searle’s feelings as he fought cancer. It’s rare that a metal song will send the crowd into tears, so this moment was really emotional.

  1. nothing, nowhere. – Deaf Institute Manchester 21/10/18

There are a few reasons why nothing, nowhere. (real name Joe Mulherin) is the best gig I’ve ever been to. Firstly, his music. Songs about such personal topics, such as relationships with close ones, mental health and the pressures of everyday life, these are topics which I can relate to a lot. To me, nothing, nowhere. is almost just a soundtrack to my the struggles I have faced in life, so seeing that music being performed live was quite surreal. Secondly, the performance by Joe was phenomenal. His emotions were expressed so well in the songs, and hearing him scream lyrics such as “I wanna know when the pain stops” and “I don’t wanna do this anymore” really hit me and the rest of the audience hard. Production wise, this gig is the smallest on the list, but emotionally, it ranks head and shoulders above all.



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