Last Month…

By Aidan Jones


Last month, The University of Huddersfield’s Media and Humanities department lost one of the most “incredible” and “inspirational” people of its department.


Dr Amir Saeed, who was a lot of student’s inspiration, unfortunately passed away at the end of November 2019. Dr Saeed was an active lecturer at The University of Huddersfield since 2014 and became the Head of Sports Journalism at the beginning of the 2018 academic year.


Not only will the well-respected teacher and friend be a loss to many students, but the staff also. Members of the Humanities and Media department, including Richard McCullough, Richard Jones, Jenny Gibson and Benjamin Litherland have posted tributes about their experiences with the Scot.


Many students both past and present have also written tributes online and in the condolence book that the Journalism department set up.


The avid Celtic fan was a favourite among the students across courses, whether he had lead just one lecture or was a personal tutor, he had a positive impact on so many students past and present. Students would turn up to his lecturers and seminars knowing beforehand that they would definitely take something away from it whether it be academic, personal advice or both.


There would be bets on how long it would take Amir Saeed to mention Elvis Pressley or his beloved Celtic’s win at the weekend (probably every week). He would joke around with the students about his stature and how he could “wipe everyone out despite being 5ft 4”, it was just a joy to be taught by Amir Saeed for many students.


The incredible lecturer would share pet anecdotes with the students and compare animals as well as making the most boring subjects seem interesting and had everyone’s eyes glued on both the lecture and himself.


A personal experience of mine with Amir Saeed was when he joked around with me being a “scouser”, even though I made it clear every time that I was from “over the water to Liverpool”. From that to the last memory I had with Saeed when he told me that he had been in Merseyside to interview Liverpool footballer Mohammad Salah’s Mother for a book chapter he was writing on Islam, before joking that the “Egyptian King” asked him for his autograph!


It shows how much of an impact that Saeed had on the student’s lives, from the beginning to the end. Students who began their degree in September had already made a connection with the late professor and considered him as “not only a lecturer but a friend”.


Everyone who knew what a great person Dr Amir Saeed was, will understand how much of a great loss he is, not only to the department but to the university as a whole, and it does put a lot of things into perspective.

Dr Amir Saeed, rest well up there, you will be greatly missed by all 💚 💚 💚



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