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It’s the dawn of another great Freshers’ and you may be thinking of joining a society or two this year. You may even have already joined one!

If you’re here on this page though, you’ve already made a pretty good choice so far, but you may be a little bit confused. What on earth is T’HUD, and what is it about? What do they do there? Why does it burn when I pee?

We can answer two of those questions (and a few others) below – we hope we’ll clear things up a little by the end! The other question, you should probably get checked out.


What is T’HUD?

T’HUD is the on-campus magazine run completely by students, for students. We are a society and, as part of Huddersfield Students’ Union, also a charity. We put out regular magazines in print and online on our website, aiming to give a wide variety of opportunities to our members – and also provide quite a lot of entertainment for the general student body! You’ll see our print magazine dotted around campus, so feel free to pick one up and give it a read. We hope you like it!


What can I do at T’HUD?

The simple answer is – anything! As a magazine, we obviously love writers, but that doesn’t mean we ignore everything else. There’s tonnes of opportunities to help design the magazine, provide illustrations, hone your photography skills, and even do some marketing! Whatever you’re interested in, get in touch and we’ll see what we can do for you.


How often do you meet?

We aim to meet about once every two weeks to really brainstorm and think of ideas for the magazine. In these sessions you’ll learn how magazines work behind the scenes, get your input into how we run and what we should do, and get to put your ideas across. There’ll also be a big social once a month for you to get involved in, as well as loads of other activities we’ll be arranging as the year goes on.


How much do I need to contribute?

You can contribute as little – or as much – as you like. There’s no commitment, just let us know how often you think you’d like to contribute and we’ll work around you. We understand everyone has deadlines and uni work so you’ll never be pressured into anything – if you want to write every other day, go for it; if it’s just once a month, or even once a term, that’s great too. It’s up to you! We generally recommend an article every week or every fortnight, but it’s really not mandatory.


How often does the magazine get printed?

At the moment we’re budgeted for three issues. There’ll be one this semester and two next semester with plenty of content. That said, we’re looking at adding an issue, or splitting each into two smaller issues to increase our relevance and opportunities for members – we’ll always let you know deadlines and schedules well in advance so you don’t need to worry about last minute deadlines! As you probably already noticed, we also have a website and here we post very regularly and promote all the articles on social media – web based media is on the rise and we want to reflect this by pushing our website which is a great way to get involved more regularly!


Why join T’HUD?

Joining us is not only a lot of fun, it’s also really great hands-on experience of a magazine. We aim to give our members the best training and know-how we can possibly give, making sure you come away not only having had a good time, but also with something you can take with you after you leave. On top of that, official membership gets you amazing perks such as workshops to help you hone your skills, trips out and about, FREE press passes to cover events, your work in print and online, access to our great socials, and loads more!


How do I sign up?

We’re glad you’re so keen! To join T’HUD it costs just £12.50 for the whole year. Some of that goes towards the SU for running costs, but most of it goes back into our budget so we can spend it on getting even better events, trips, and treats lined up for our members.

If you want to sign up, all you have to do is go via the Huddersfield SU website. Make sure you log in, click this link (or go to Societies > Student Media > T’HUD), then click the ‘join this group’ button. After that just select your membership, enter your details and voila! You’re officially a member.


We hope that’s made everything a bit clearer, and that maybe you might consider joining us! If you have any other questions at all, whatsoever, stop by our table at Freshers’ fair (Monday and Tuesday 10am – 3pm), email us ( or message us on our social media: facebook, twitter, or instagram.

If that didn’t convince you, here’s a little video of what we’ve been up to as part of the society, and what you could get involved with over the next year!

Thanks, and hope we see you soon!


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