Jamie Livingston: ‘Some Photos of That Day’.

Jamie Livingston.

If that’s not a name you recognise , it soon will be.

Livingston may not have been remembered to the magnitude of Andy Warhol or Giovanni Versace around the world, but there are so many reasons why this American photographer should be.

Credit to wikipedia/jamielivingston.

Livingston, a cinematographer from New York, decided to embark on a project that had no deadline; the project was untitled , and involved him taking a Polaroid photograph as a memory of each day of his life. He did this for the best part of two decades before ever so sadly passing away in 1997. The collection captures every personal and, at times, private elements of his life, city, friends and family .

He showcased many of the typical highs we all experience in life as people, documenting things such as the day of his college graduation, his wedding day and the birth of his children. Livingston made this not only a project full of artistic promise , but of his own moments radiating of powerful displays of raw emotion, leading it’s viewers to feel nothing but inspiration towards him and his work.

Marking what would have been Livingston’s 61st Birthday , Kickstarter and a group of 238 backpackers have managed to raise enough money to release a book detailing copies of each of the 6000 plus photographs, titled ‘Some Photos of That Day’ . The book is set to go into press in late August 2018 .

For more information about Jamie , his work and on how to get your copy of the book please visit :http://photooftheday.hughcrawford.com/


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