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Beach Baby

Beach Baby are a four-piece band who met at Goldsmith’s College in London. Made up by Lawrence (guitar, vocals), Ollie (guitar, keys, vocals), Shep (drums) and Herc (bass), the band have recently been touring with indie-rock band, Hooton Tennis Club. I caught up with them at Manchester’s Soup Kitchen to talk about their latest single ‘Limousine,’ and to find out how life on the road has been so far.

1. How does it feel to be playing sold out gigs on this tour?

BB: Great! We’re very fortunate to be on tour with the Hooton Tennis Club guys and they’re selling out these venues. The London show last night was sold out, the Brighton gig was really fun… So, more sell out shows please!

2. Where has been your favourite venue so far?

BB: We all really liked Birmingham, but Southampton was really fun too. It was a 14+ show so we had a lot of very enthusiastic teenagers in the audience, which was pretty cool.

3. How are you enjoying your time up North so far? (Be careful what you say. This is for a Northern audience!)

BB: Really good so far! Shep’s from Sheffield so it’s always nice for him to come home to his family. This is our first stop up North on this tour but we come up here quite a lot. We’re going up to Glasgow, then back down to Hull and York, and then we’re ending the tour in Sheffield, so it’s almost like a homecoming gig. Hopefully we’ll get a lot of fans at that one!

4. To anyone that hasn’t heard you before, how would you describe Beach Baby’s sound?

BB: That’s a tough question… We’ve had quite a lot of terms thrown about for us really. Everyone has really different music tastes so we have a bit of a collective sound, but we’re often described as 60’s pop with a bit of 80’s new wave, and a bit of the 90’s chucked in there for good measure!

5. So last week you released your video for your new single, ‘Limousine.’ Over 13,000 views later, how are you feeling?

BB: We feel amazing. We put a lot of effort into this video, and it was a pretty mad day of filming with the director, Lily-Rose Thomas. We shot it all in one day with next to no money and had lots of people working for free on it, so we’re really pleased with it.

6. If all four of you were to give me your iPods, what would I find as your most recently played song?

Shep: Mine’s ‘Ordinary Joe’ by Terry Callier.

Ollie: If you go on recently added, you get the album 2014 by Beach Baby… I’ve also got ‘Limousine’ on repeat.

Lawrence: Yeah, on mine it’s Beach Baby too… So basically, we’ve been listening to ourselves. It’s like that period in the 80’s when Prince only listened to Prince. So we’re doing a Prince.

7. What’s the best gig you’ve ever been to?

Lawrence: It has to be Shaggy at the O2 in London. Ali-G was there, I was so excited. Primal Scream were good, too.

Shep: The Rolling Stones at Glastonbury! That was something special.

Ollie: I saw Radiohead once, they were brilliant but it was a very professional show. On the other end of the spectrum I saw The Fall, who were very different but very compelling.

Herc: The Oh Sees are one of my best gigs. 2000 people just dancing for two hours non-stop; it was brilliant.

8. What does the future hold for Beach Baby?

BB: More songs! We’ve got some new singles ready to come out and we’ve recorded the bulk of a new album already, which is due to come out next year at some point. We’ve also got a couple more supporting tours coming up and our own headline tour in 2016.


You can find Beach Baby on Twitter and Facebook.

Buy Beach Baby’s new single, ‘Limousine,’ on iTunes.

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