Freshers’ Focus: Sigma

Evolving from underground illegal raves in the 90’s to becoming mainstream music in recent years, the undeniable rise of drum and bass has been practically impossible to ignore. The eagerly anticipated HudLive boasts one of the biggest names around, Sigma, as its headlining act this year, which is proving extremely popular amongst Freshers coming from all over the country. After seeing them live earlier this year, I can assure anyone who has bought a ticket that they’re in for an amazing night.

Bringing the feel of an underground party to the bouncing island of Ibiza, Sigma’s sold out show at Ibiza Rocks is really something to witness. Sat in my little Ford Ka stuck in the middle of some typical North Eastern traffic hearing their hits on the radio and pretending I’m there is one thing, but actually being a part of the exhilarating atmosphere was an entirely different experience. Opening with one of the hottest tracks of 2014, ‘Changing’, featuring the vocals of Paloma Faith, the duo sent the entire crowd into total euphoria right from the very start. Despite the lack of live vocals (as I think we were all secretly hoping Paloma would maybe turn up), the boundless energy put into the first, and every other track, was faultless. Unlike artists such as Rudimental who often bring along 10 or more people to their gigs, Sigma consisted of just the two ordinary lads from Leeds, meaning the pressure to keep the intensity going was pretty high. By the reaction and energy surging around the crowd for the entire 2 hour set, I think it’s fair to say they didn’t disappoint. Slotting their first ever UK number 1, ‘Nobody to love’ right into the middle of the set caused complete uproar amongst the crowd, creating possibly the loudest and most enthusiastic sing-a-long I’ve ever heard. Their brand new UK Number 1 with Ella Henderson, ‘Glitterball’, was saved for last, ensuring the buzz bouncing around the crowd didn’t disappear until the bitter end.

HudLive 2015 line up looks like it's going to outdo last years head liner DJ Fresh
HudLive 2015 line up looks like it’s going to outdo last years head liner DJ Fresh

Despite only have one album to their name, Sigma conjured up a set of not only their own singles, but some insane remixes of other classics. Their balance of disco, electro, funk, and almost every other genre you can think of meant there was something for every single person in that crowd. Including Ed Sheeran’s ‘Don’t’, ‘Uptown Funk’, and even throwing some Kanye and Whitney into the mix, Sigma pulled major tunes from all decades, creating a totally original and unforgettable set.

Mistajam will be playing at Hudlive
Mistajam will be playing at Hudlive

So, when the line-up for this year’s HudLive was announced, you can only imagine how ecstatic I was to hear Sigma are the headliners. I can honestly say they are some of the best quality DJ’s out there, and they definitely going to impress. With other great acts such as The Carnabys and Mistajam, there is something out there for every fresher. Whether you’re a total drum and bass fanatic, or you’re just heading along for the ride, HudLive will not disappoint.

 The Carnabys always promise a good gig, and they deliver every time.
The Carnabys always promise a good gig, and they deliver every time.


Alice Dunn, 2015 Huddersfield University Fresher.

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