Dialect: All Or Nothing – review

Dialect is a well-known Grime artist in and around Leeds and has recently released his second EP called All Or Nothing. It consists of eight tracks and sets off on a powerful start with Like Me and continues with that spirit throughout. The EP features guest appearances from other Leeds Grime artists such as Ntantu and Graft. Each of the tracks is different and unique in its own way, from their sound – right to the lyrics. Some of my favourite songs include All Or Nothing, Talk Is Cheap and Sauce.


When I listened to the EP, All Or Nothing was the song that stood out to me the most. The lyrics talk about him not giving up on his music and always doing his best to succeed in what he wants to achieve. The song clearly showcases how Dialect uses music to express himself. In this song, as well as the rest of the album, I particularly liked all the different sounds and musical elements that were added to it. For example, while All Or Nothing is quite calm and melodic instrumentally, track two of the EP (Going On Bad), is very energetic and uses a lot of unique electronic sounds you may not have heard before.


I think the order of the songs has been put together perfectly well as the first six songs of the EP are a great build-up and have a lot of energy, while the last two are calmer, bringing the album to a great ending, yet still giving it the energy it needs.


In an interview with Dialect, he told me that the process of making the EP was quite long, about a year and a half. He stated that he put a lot of work in this to find his sound, to then make the sound bigger and add more depth to the EP. There were a few albums that influenced the making of All Or Nothing, one of which was Ghetto Gospel: The New Testament by Ghetts. This particular album influenced Dialect to make his EP still Grime, but also add some musical elements to it.


Dialect started rapping at the age of 15 when he was part of a crew. This was also influenced by the fact that he was into poetry which inspired him to start writing. Back then, Grime was very raw and not commercial so he had nothing or no one to learn from. In the interview he stated, “I think Grime has developed a lot,” and since he has been there from the start, he believes he has been able to get the best out of it.

Dialect currently runs a platform called Talk Is Cheap Entertainment, a platform for rappers from the North to showcase their talents. Dialect’s other works include his previous EP – Lifting The Curse, multiple clashes as well as featuring on Lord Of The Mics on BBC Radio 1Xtra.


When I asked him if there was anyone who he would like to work with, he mentioned Ghetts. His future plans are to put as much music out there as he can. From now on he will stop doing clashes and focus on creating his own music. He believes that by doing this and by putting his best work into his music, he will get the collaborations he wants.


You can find Dialect on Twitter and Instagram as @Dialectofficial and Dialect on Facebook. 

You can listen to his EP here: https://open.spotify.com/album/1z6sD0ZOHbauoAzMDpaMjp?si=4gw5HUpcSGSqJDdbqFI5iA

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