Coffeehouse Sessions: Bella Figura

Image courtesy of Huddersfield SU [source]
Image courtesy of Huddersfield SU [source]

With an open-armed warmth and earnest introduction, Bella Figura take to the stage represented only by seasoned frontman Justin Gartry (guitar, vocals), left to deliver the band’s self-proclaimed ‘heavy guitar grooves’ solo and unlevered, without right-hand men Mikey Cooper (bass, vocals) and Jack Morford (drums, vocals).

The dulcet tones and caressed strum of the guitar relay hazy notes of reminiscence, effortless daydreams conveyed into music. The deep sincerity of Gartry’s voice echoes a muted euphoria, hollow with meaning – almost spoken-word, with its gentle striking quality that impacts without immediacy. The music has the makings of a modern-day classic rock, with hushed Hendrix-inspired riffs, fine-tuned to an acoustic wavelength purposely for this tour.

It is a music of musings, Gartry’s voice travels like a mist, shrouding the SU in a melancholic, dream-like whirl of gentle, acoustic rock. With a bluesy, romantic nostalgia, the frontman says that this session is intended to deliver “more relaxed vibes.”

His emotion fuels his delivery; each song flows with transparency, the burning passion of the music laid bare and open. The music is defined by twinkling depths and mesmerising rhythms, guided by lullabylic strums of the guitar – each song is distinctively separate, but linked in a soundtrack of longing daydreams.

Lost in a rabbit hole of folky wonder, the set is drawn to a close by ‘Demon in the Dark,’ a song that, in its acoustic nature, is guided by imagination due to its usual “mental” finish. Dark lyrics lend to a slow, symphonic lustre of music, hinged on an almost mystical quality – the song is passionate and wanting, resonating an ardent strength conveyed by the juxtaposing faint nature of the guitar; the unassuming backbone of Bella Figura’s acoustic sound.

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