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    SCONUL Access Scheme

    One of the perks of being a University of Huddersfield student is that you are eligible to join the free SCONUL Access Scheme. This scheme provides you access to enter and use various university libraries across the UK. So, what is the SCONUL Access Scheme? Well – it is a reciprocal scheme that allows many university library users to borrow and use library books and journals at other participating libraries. You can find out more about the scheme at https://www.sconul.ac.uk/sconul-access. Okay, so what is there for me? This would be beneficial for commuter students who do not live in Huddersfield but need access to academic books and materials to study.…

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    Productivity Apps & Websites for Students

    As students, sometimes it can get a little overwhelming with different deadlines and assignments pilling up everywhere. With examinations coming up, we could all use a little help to keep us on track and ensure that we can manage all that we need to do. Here are some of the productivity apps and websites for students that you can use to help you get through these hectic weeks.   1) StayFocusd – Google Chrome Extension If you mainly use Google Chrome to browse the internet, you can install the free StayFocusd extension to help you stay productive. You can create your own ‘Blocked List’ and ‘Allowed List’, where you can…

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    Best of Both Worlds – and Education Systems.

    I consider myself lucky – I get to spend 4 years pursuing my undergraduate studies in the United States of America, and now I’m here in the United Kingdom, pursuing my 1-year postgraduate studies. Coming from a small Southeast Asian country named Malaysia, being able to pursue my studies in two different countries has been an opportunity of a lifetime. It has helped shape my perspectives and showed me a whole new side of the world. Today, I want to share just some of my experiences in these two different education systems. 1) Slight differences in the naming conventions. I find it both interesting and confusing at how we name…