8 things to expect on a night out in Huddersfield.

After a whole year of spending my loan (and secretly my overdraft) on partying and nights out around Huddersfield, I have definitely seen enough to last me a lifetime. As a fresher, you are probably already wondering where to go, what to wear and who knows what else, and although I can’t help you with everything I can definitely tell you a few things to expect!


  1. First off, there is a night for every day of the week.
    Tokyo, Camel, Revolution, Five Bar… they are all open at least one day a week so you’re always covered for any impromptu nights out with the flatmates. Even on Sundays you can pop into Wetherspoons! One thing’s for sure – you’ll find yourself using the phrase “you’re only a fresher once” a lot more than you expected.
  2. Cheap food and drinks.
    Are £10 nights out your kind of thing? If yes, perfect! If not, then that will soon change. There is no place like Huddersfield for the Wednesday student night. £1 Jӓger Bombs? Go on then!
    Even if you’re looking for a more quiet night, there are plenty of smaller venues with cheap cocktails or soft drinks. Places like The Picture House or The Warehouse sell cheap and delicious food, and you can still feel like you’re involved with the nighttime atmosphere.T'HUD_Bikini
  3. Socials.
    On student night, there will be socials everywhere. From cheerleaders dressing up as minions to the Rugby League with their Jӓger bomb challenges, there is a lot to join in with (or even just laugh at). Be careful though, you might see a rugby league player dressed in a bikini. I once heard they ran through town naked… but let’s not get into that. You have been warned!
  4. Gerry/Doc Brown.
    You might have already heard, but there is an old man that visits camel club pretty much every time it is open. He is that much of a regular he gets free entry! Look out for a twerking old man with grey hair named Gerry – he also bears a striking resemblance to a famous film character, and a lot of people just call him Doc Brown. I am aware he might sound kind of creepy, but he is honestly the friendliest man you will ever meet.
  5. An Ear.
    Yep, you read that right. A man had his ear bitten off on a night out in Huddersfield. It definitely doesn’t happen often so don’t worry, but maybe now is a good time to bring earmuffs into fashion…
  6. Events.
    Although visiting a bar or club can be fun in itself, it is even better when there is an event on! Traffic light party, foam party, hot tub party, frat party, five fest, big fat ball, Spring Break, UV party… you name it, there’s probably an event for it!Huddersfield Night out what to expect
  7. Louie’s Liquor Store signs.
    Louie’s Liquors has a sign outside that changes regularly, and it is always amusing to see which phrase they’ve put up for the week. Recently there have been such gems as “We love Bourbon more than Kanye loves Kanye” and “The best place for a meaningful overnight relationship.” Keep your eye out for a laugh while you’re walking through town!
  8. Club Photographers.
    Watch Out. They manage to capture you in your worst drunken state at your worst angle. Imagine all those selfies in your recently deleted folder. Now imagine that, but 10x worse and all over Facebook. Good luck getting an elusive good photo – I’ve spent night after night trying!

 After all that, I hope I haven’t scared you off! Huddersfield may be a bit bonkers at times (and that’s putting it lightly), but there’s always good places open with good friends, good music, and a great atmosphere.


Definitely an experience to try out more than once!

Written by Claire Walker
Illustrations by Charlotte Clarke

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