About T’HUD

Since our creation in 2015, T’hud has strived to give the students of University of Huddersfield a platform to express themselves. Most of our writers are hoping to head into the world of media and communications come graduation, but some just want to share their passions and opinions.

Our focus is Huddersfield and our aim is to have our finger on the pulse of the town. University events make up most of our articles, but events within the general town are also a focus. We are proud to have a working relationship with Huddersfield Town, which grants our sports writers access to press conferences and games that few students get.

At the moment we have 9 writers 3 of whom will form the 2020/2021 committee:

Editor- Connor Moore

Connor is heading into his final year of studying Journalism. Having been Sports Editor last year, when the overall Editor position was vacated he decided to apply. Connor’s main interest is football,a big Sunderland fan, he has adopted Huddersfield as his 2nd team and has been covering them for the past 2 years. He is hoping to pursue a career in written media upon graduation.

Sub Editor- Courtney Pepper

This is Courtney’s 2nd year as sub editor having worked under previous editor Chris. She is a final year undergraduate journalism student, but is hoping to continue into postgraduate and attain a masters. Courtney’s interests include photography, which she combines with her writing to create another of her interests, magazines.

Sub Editor/ Social Media Manager- Caitlin Thrower

This will be Caitlin’s 2nd year managing T’Hud socials which she be doing alongside assisting as sub editor. Caitlin is a final year Media and Popular Culture student. She is a big advocator of LGBTQ rights and women in media. She is hoping to go into Magazine journalism upon graduation.