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    The Exam Scare: How to prepare and do well

    With final exams looming over us, it is often easy to become overly stressed and anxious and not do well. Here are some techniques that can help you prepare properly and do well in your exams: Preparation-  Study SMART: The most important, and the often ignored, aspect of exam preparation is the importance of planning it out. Effective study is insured by delegating chunks of your time to certain subject areas every day, so that you have the chance to study them thoroughly, rather than cramming up the night before the exam, and jumbling up all the concepts in your head. Organise yourself; pull out the planners and folders, de-clutter…

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    Studying for a master’s degree helped my mental health

    I’m currently a postgraduate student, studying for a Master of Science (MSc) in Marketing Communications, with hopes of starting my own business or doing a PhD in business and marketing. A few years ago, that wouldn’t have even crossed my mind. I graduated with a 2.1 in journalism for my undergrad in 2017, and although there were parts that I enjoyed (the course itself), I wasn’t happy, and I wasn’t in a good place mentally. After graduating, I had no idea what I wanted to do, and I feel as though a lot of people find themselves like this after graduating. “University opens doors”, but in reality, it doesn’t (for…

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    Productivity Apps & Websites for Students

    As students, sometimes it can get a little overwhelming with different deadlines and assignments pilling up everywhere. With examinations coming up, we could all use a little help to keep us on track and ensure that we can manage all that we need to do. Here are some of the productivity apps and websites for students that you can use to help you get through these hectic weeks.   1) StayFocusd – Google Chrome Extension If you mainly use Google Chrome to browse the internet, you can install the free StayFocusd extension to help you stay productive. You can create your own ‘Blocked List’ and ‘Allowed List’, where you can…

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    Student leaders help improve your university experience: here is why you should vote!

    Student Leadership is an integral part of student success, as well as a fulfilling academic experience for every student attending university. With SU Elections approaching fast, our student nominees getting ready to start their campaigns, and the atmosphere at university filled with electric anticipation, it makes us think; Why? Why is it so vital to participate in the voting process? And why do we even NEED students at university leading and taking charge? It is known that Leadership and Passion often go hand in hand; leaders passionate about their work and what they believe in and having the ability to arouse that passion in their fellow students and team members…

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    How to pick yourself up after a low assignment grade: tips and motivators

    Time at university is full of surprising ups and downs, self-actualisation, and opportunities to improve and develop yourself to a professional level, and therefore, failures and let-downs are a very regular part of student life. Of course, no one likes to fail, but as much as we are wary of it, it is guaranteed and necessary if we want to make something out of ourselves. In fact, the only way you can avoid failure is never trying in the first place. Despite realising this, failure is painful and often difficult to accept. When faced with it, a lot of people do not know what to do next, or how to…

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    Match Report: Terrific Terriers Crush Bournemouth

    Huddersfield Town 4-1 AFC Bournemouth (Pritchard 7, Mounie 27, 66, van La Parra 90 / Stanislas 14) Two goals from Steve Mounie and one each from new signing Alex Pritchard and Rajiv van La Parra saw off a sorry Bournemouth side 4-1 as Huddersfield Town ended a run of five straight Premier League defeats in style. George Howson reports from the John Smith’s Stadium. Huddersfield Town entertained Bournemouth in Sunday’s early Premier League kick-off yesterday with The Terriers in desperate need of a positive result. The home side had lost their previous five league matches and were winless in their last eight matches. To add insult to injury, Town now…

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    Preview: Hang The DJ

    Tonight sees the launch of Huddersfield’s brand new alternative party, Hang the DJ. Held in the Byram Arcade, the night promises a mix of indie, 80’s, britpop, alt-pop, blues and more, as well live performances from MKII, Terra Fin, Courtyards and Calum Bowling. Organised entirely by Liam Ward, who is also the main DJ for the night, Hang the DJ was created in response to the “limited amount of places for people who don’t get a hard-on over a four-to-the-floor beat.” The night aims to get people up dancing and singing and just generally having a good time. Ward believes that Huddersfield holds a lot of potential for the indie/alternative scene. He…

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    Huddersfield Town: The season so far

    Like many football clubs up and down the land, Huddersfield Town divide the local community. The decisions taken, the form of the side, the players in the squad and the manager all come under constant scrutiny – this season being no different. The Terriers so far sit in 15th position in the Sky Bet Championship to which this is their fourth season in this league since their promotion in 2012. In that time the club has seen many changes but hasn’t really improved a great deal. The Championship for many is the hardest league in Europe, with its nonstop action, and packed match schedule. The full extent of club’s squads…

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    Former Students Aim to Bring Back Unique Clothing

    By Claire Walker Huddersfield is now home to an exclusive designer women’s clothes shop with the opening of HNGR last week on King Street, opposite the Lord Wilson Wetherspoon’s, only a short walk from the University campus. The dress shop is the brainchild of former Huddersfield University student Lee Reed and Leeds student Stephen O’Callaghan. The HNGR launch was a wonderful way to see the store settling right into the heart of Huddersfield, and after speaking to Stephen we learnt what his motivation was behind it all. “I’ve been looking to open my own business for years now, with the recession and businesses closing every day it’s never been a…

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    WIN! VIP Tickets to Turtle Bay Launch

    Fancy getting in touch with your funky side by introducing yourself to new colourful tastes of the Caribbean sea? And maybe with a swish of rum, it might just hit the spot? Stay tuned for a chance to WIN one of 50 pairs of tickets to the Turtle Bay VIP launch later this month!