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    The Brit Awards 2019 – Celebration for British Music!

    Opening with a parody of Fyre Festival, the 39thBrit Awards took place on Wednesday night at The O2 Arena, London. With huge performances from the likes of Dua Lipa, The 1975 and P!nk, the annual pop event celebrated what was a successful year for British music. Alongside Calvin Harris, The 1975 picked up two Brit Awards this year, for British Album of the Year and British Group of the year. Hailing from Manchester, where several big indie rock bands have come from, 2018 was a big year for the band as they released the third studio album, A Brief Inquiry into Online Relationships. Following the popular release came a sold…

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    Why the age for smear testing should be lowered 

     5 reasons why I believe the age for smear testing should be lowered:   1. At 18 years old, I can get married without parental consent. I can join the armed forces. I can even buy a house if I’m in the financial position to. But I must wait 7 years more before I’m eligible for a smear test, as the risks of me having a smear test, are considered to outweigh the benefits.  

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    Life in the Care System

    The number of children in care has reached new highs, with 90 young people entering the care system every day and frankly…I’m not surprised.  In the midst of continuous slices to children’s centres and nearby family support services, the quantity of cared for youngsters in England and Wales reached 72,670 in the year prior to March 2017 – denoting the greatest yearly flood of kids in care in seven years. The ascent in youngsters entering care has been put down to issues in family units, for example, destitution, poor lodging and substance abuse, which specialists said can be put down to cuts to local services intended to tackle them. As…