Hello, and welcome to T’HUD Magazine!

We are the University of Huddersfield’s official student magazine, producing various print editions every year, along with regularly updated online content.

Getting involved in activities outside of your course is a great way to spend your time at university. At T’HUD, you can contribute as little or as much as you like over the year, with loads of different opportunities popping up over the time you hang with us.

Whether you’re a budding journalist, tough interviewer, creative designer or savvy marketeer, we’d love to have you! Just by drop us a quick message on our contact page if you’d like more info, or if you’re already hooked, visit the SU page and sign up now!

Meet our team!

With so many contributors and such a wide audience, T’HUD makes life a little easier by electing people to do lots of hard work every year! Meet the committee and everyone else below!


Editor: Callum Griffin

Callum is in his second year studying Psychology here at Huddersfield. He’s in charge of making sure the society functions properly and organising the print editions of the magazine – as well as a spot of editing.

Twitter: @calgriff_           Email: editor@t-hud.co.uk


Deputy Editor: Claire Walkerclaire website photo

Claire is in her third year studying Photography. She’s the socials whizz of the group, in charge of organising lots of awesome meetups throughout the year!

Twitter: @grabyourcam   Email: deputy@t-hud.co.uk


Online Editor: Alice Dunnalice website photo

Alice is in her second year studying Music Journalism. Alice is in charge of our social media, and assists in posting and editing articles for online. She’s also quite a big fan of wine.

Twitter: @aldunn97   Email: online@t-hud.co.uk


Sub-Editor – Entertainment: Georgia Arundellgeorgia website photo

Georgia is also in her second year of Music Journalism here at Hud. Georgia is in charge of the writers in the Entertainment section, so if music, theatre, arts or film are your things – she’s your gal!

Twitter: @Georgiaa_A  Email: entertainment@ t-hud.co.uk


Sub-Editor – Lifestyle: Chloe Rosschloe website photo

Chloe is in her second year studying Music Journalism (can you see a pattern here?). She is in charge of the writers for the Lifestyle section, a real mastermind of style, beauty and tips for our team!

Twitter: @mcr_chloe  Email: lifestyle@t-hud.co.uk


Sub-Editor – Sports: Liam Sephtonliam website photo

Liam is in his third year studying Sports Journalism. In charge of the
writers for the Sports section and a devout Wigan Athletic fan, Liam also works on the media team for Huddersfield Town!

Twitter: @LiamSephton  Email: sports@ t-hud.co.uk