International Food & Culture Festival 2017

The University of Huddersfield’s International Food & Culture Festival was held on 1st November and will go down as one of the highlights of the semester. Societies representing 120 nations from all corners of the globe showcased what their countries had to offer in terms of cuisine and entertainment. The event was a sell-out and had over 700 people attending.

When the crowd entered the expanded lecture halls of the Oastler building, they were greeted by a warm, buzzing atmosphere. The sides of the room were draped in flags from all over the world which, coupled with the variety of clothing on display, made for a kaleidoscopic scene. Whether it was Czech-Slovak’s potato dumplings, India’s paneer, or Thailand’s pad Thai, everything on offer was well-presented. The students serving the food were more than willing to inform you as you made your way around the world, so to speak. Further adding to the vibe were the performances that took place throughout the night. These, more than anything, highlighted the spectrum of nationalities that make our university a unique place.

What did people think? 

Leah Norton is a British student currently studying Music Performance at the university, she said; “I found the event really interesting, the atmosphere was fantastic and so many people came! I was fascinated by all the performers, I watched dancers and heard music I had never heard before. I got to see what a range of cultures we have here at the uni and how lucky I am to study alongside people from all over the world!”

Economics student, Fahmida Nisa Karim from Bangladesh said; “Before I came to the UK, I searched the university online and discovered a video about this event. Despite having offers to go to university in Manchester or Leeds, I opted for Huddersfield after seeing how fun it looked, and the opportunities there were to make friends while at university. This festival is full of positivity and makes studying in Huddersfield one of the best experiences you can imagine.”

Alan Tobi, the university’s International Student Experience Manager said, “It has been a great chance for all of our students at Huddersfield of every nationality to learn and understand each other through their passion of food, music, fashion, language, and culture. Where else would you see a mix of Vietnamese bamboo stick dancing, Zorba dancing, and an Indian art workshop alongside British Morris dancing? This is what makes this event so special and helps us to understand one another,”

“We have brought the students together and it has been great to see how included they felt in showcasing cultural exchange activities.”

The International Food & Culture Festival is exactly what university is all about; trying new things, experiencing different cultures and having a great time. If you’re around for the next one, make sure you attend. It’s not to be missed!

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