Huddersfield Town vs West Bromwich Albion: Match Preview

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Huddersfield Town boss David Wagner has given his thoughts to the press ahead of the home game against West Bromwich Albion this weekend. He spoke of how he’s feeling composed and believes the home crowd can have a massive impact on the performances.

“The energy that the players get from our crowd in the stands makes it easier when we are playing at home.” he said.

“We have shown that we are competitive in the Premier League so far but, it’s another game, another great chance for us in front of our own supporters, we will try everything to be successful.” he added

Wagner spoke to Sky Sports about the strength and quality of the Premier League ahead of this weekend’s game, and believed that his side have to be prepared for the visit of the Baggies.

“The rest of the 19 teams in the Premier League are all better than at least 22 teams that we met in the Championship. We are aware of their strengths from set pieces, but we are focused on our strengths more so.”

The Huddersfield Town manager spoke about the type of tie that it is and how different it is to the previous matches, but also speaks about how Huddersfield need to be prepared.

“We are just one position above West Brom. It will be a different game.”

“Of course West Brom is a different challenge and they will set up differently to be successful than Manchester United and Liverpool did but we have to prepare for a different opponent.” he added.

West Brom under Tony Pulis have a way of playing and David Wagner has a way to get his Huddersfield Town side the victory at the John Smith Stadium on Saturday.

“West Brom will set up in a defensive shape, which is what we will have to break down. It is about us and how strong we can be on Saturday.”

When asked about West Brom setting up in a way to try and catch the Terriers on the counter attack, Wagner spoke about it not being a one-off. “It is West Brom’s identity and why they are successful. We need to focus on how we can break them down.”

Ten games into the Premier League season with the Terriers, Wagner speaks about having no expectations of his side but he said they are exactly where he hoped they would be.

“I never have had expectations because I don’t have any experience. I hoped that we would be around where we are now with the amount of points that we have.”

Happy Anniversary David Wagner

This weekend will mark two successful years for David Wagner in charge of Huddersfield Town. The former Borussia Dortmund coach spoke about how he never once expected for his side to be holding their own in the Premier League two years after signing the dotted line.>

“I never expected that when I signed my first contract that two years later I sit here with twelve points after ten games in the Premier League.” the manager added.

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