Coffee House Sessions: Mike Watson Intertview.

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From playing in his bedroom to supporting Maroon 5 at Wembley Stadium, Mike Watson’s career has well and truly took off. Now, after his Coffee House Session in our very own SU, we got the opportunity to sit down and talk to him about his remarkable rise.

Growing up in a music orientated family, it came as no surprise when Mike Watson, 26, caught the musical bug at a very tender age. The now well accomplished singer/songwriter humbly began by emulating his fathers’ passion of guitar and by admiring both of his grandmothers’ talent for singing, but at the age of 17 everything changed.

“I got put in a boy band with five other boys from 5 different countries, that was called ‘The United’. They just found me on YouTube. They were looking for two years for the right boys and they made the mistake of choosing me!

Originally it was supposed to be Liam Payne because it was the same people that created One Direction. But he went to do that so they needed somebody to be the UK member. So, they chose me.” Mike proudly reveals. “Involved in the group were a guy from Holland, a guy from Italy and one from Sweden, one from Germany and then myself.”

After the boyband’s creation, the journey for success began. The United embarked on various European tours and found a level of success there, but it wasn’t until East Asia that the boyband hit the jackpot. “We had a number one in Japan, which was pretty cool. It was called ‘Come On, Come On.”

While The United had a team of writers to pen their songs for them, it was none other than Mike himself who penned the official No.1 song.

“‘Come On, Come On’ was actually the first ever song that I wrote, I never really wrote for the band but this was a song that I put forward on a whim. Somehow it managed to do well. We did get knocked off by Pharrell the week after, but it was fun.”

However, being in a boyband was only a temporary move for the young artist and after three years of touring and fun, it was time for Mike to go it alone.

“I was thinking, I had my time here, I’ve really enjoyed it but I need to go off and do something that creatively I really felt strongly about. The band was very super-clean pop music, which was fine for the time but I’ve always played guitar so I needed to just do my own thing.”

After leaving the group, Mike spent the next few years just writing, recording for other bands, as well as for himself, and doing what he knows best, playing guitar. But it was 2017 that saw Mike make his return to the music world.

“My first single came out on the 18th of August this year, it’s called ‘Lying for love’. I am on this tour to try and promote it and just get back to playing live to be honest.”

Although the Coffee House tour is Watson’s most recent step back on the ladder, it isn’t his first.

“Another thing I did in between the boyband and now, was tour with Maroon 5! I was the opening act for them which was awesome! I didn’t think it was true when I got asked I was like, nah, this isn’t going to be, this is a joke. But it wasn’t. I met them and got to open 15 shows for them! It was unreal.”

Mike Watson’s latest single ‘Lying For Love’ is available now!

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