Alex Tracey ‘Same Old Animals’: Review.

atThe 21-year-old has much experience in the world of amateur performance, often seen gigging around the town centre clubs and pubs, but his latest release, ‘Same Old Animals’ is something new from a young star who is on the rise.

Filled with a fresh, rhythmic beat that drops you into a catchy tune right from the start, ‘Same Old Animals’ can easily be imagined in charting in the pop charts. With a catchy hook that repeats itself and an easy to remember chorus, this song will easily embed itself in your head; your feet will still be tapping along to the beat long after you’re done listening.

The lyrics, that are often repeated, are easily relatable and sum up the song in a nice bite-sized nutshell. There is no complex storyline that you need to pay extra close attention to, no intricate plot twist that will take you by surprise; instead this song you can listen to once and get it completely. It can be on in the background and you can still carry on working; it doesn’t make you stop and think about the context of the song, it just snakes its way into your brain and soon enough you are singing to it and relating yourself to it.

However, underneath the cheeky beats and rhythms there lies quite a simple, sombre story. With lyrics such as ‘you are completely indestructible and people wonder why you don’t want to take their feelings but you want to take their time’ and ‘every time I ran away, I ran straight home to you’ there is clearly an experience at the heart of the song; this is somebody’s first hand story of love, an experience many people share and can understand.

The music video that accompanies the upbeat track is itself quirky with the use of masks, eerie lighting design and Huddersfield’s own Tokyo nightclub as the perfect backdrop; all these elements plus more subtle ones combine to act as a vehicle for the story the song portrays. An army of masked dancers often surround Tracey in the video, clearly visually reinforcing and symbolically reiterating that repeated notion of the ‘Same Old Animals’.

The music video evidently had a lot of effort injected into it and this is shown in the quality of the video. You can struggle to imagine this video being produced by none other than a professional. The transition cuts are smooth when they need to be but sharp when they must be; all aspects of the video (the transitions, the lighting and the dancers etc.) are all in sync and in time with the song. Each component makes itself known without stealing the show from Tracey; it all works very nicely hand in hand and it all comes together perfectly.

Don’t believe me? Check out the video!!!

Keep your eyes open for an exclusive interview with Alex Tracey in the Spring edition of T’HUD which will be around university at the end of April.


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