Odina: Coffee House Sessions.

Credit to facebook.com/Odina
Credit to facebook.com/Odina

This year’s Coffee House Sessions tour was rounded up beautifully on Wednesday, with Catalonian singer-songwriter, Odina. Joining us amidst the hecticness of Varsity, Odina subdued the chaotic SU into an atmospheric calm.

Influenced by the likes of Bon Iver and Keaton Henson, her music sets the tone for a relaxed end to a busy tour. The first song she plays is a cover of Bon Iver’s ‘Flume’, unsurprising given the influence they have on her music. Odina manages to perfectly capture the Bon Iver style we’ve come to know; moody, eerie, yet beautiful, her voice coming out raw, soft and powerful all at once. It is clear that Odina favours showing her emotions through her music, which is something that makes this performance that bit more delicate and personal.

A solo act becomes that of band performance, as Odina welcomes her two friends to the stage. The vocals of the three girls come together, complimenting each other perfectly as they perform an original song, ‘Friend’. Odina uses the opportunity of her first tour to showcase her newly released single, ‘Why’d You Make Me Cry’. The lyrics of this ballad stand out against the guitar that seems to fade to a quiet, allowing her lyrics to take centre stage; this is a chance to admire her songwriting abilities and the vulnerabilities that come with storytelling.

The last song of the set comes from her critically acclaimed EP, ‘Broken’ which she released last year. ‘Father’ is another chillingly beautiful song, with powerful lyrics such as, ‘Everything clashes, please pull me through. Once I’m back to ashes, will I meet you?’. This performance was the perfect performance to end the Coffee House Sessions tour and it really highlights the aim of the whole thing, to introduce some of the best new talents. It has been a pleasure to witness some of the most talented and creative artists, and it is all thanks to the Coffee House Sessions team!

It will be a while before you’re able to catch Odina for yourself, with plans to only play gigs back in Barcelona for the time being. You will just have to keep an eye on her website because this is someone you will not want to miss!



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