Advice Column: Week 1.

Hello! I am T’HUD magazines new agony aunt, I am here to give as much helpful advice as I can for any problems you may have, whether it be relationship issues, struggles with university, friendship problems, absolutely anything you are concerned about I will try my best to help you out! All answers will be posted weekly and when they are posted your name and details will remain anonymous and only your question will be posted. Thank you for your questions and hopefully my advice will help you out!


Q: I’m struggling to decide whether my course is right for me, however I feel like I’ve left this too late as I’m finishing first year now? And where would I turn to for help in making the important decision of whether to change my course or carry on? Thank you.

A: Thank you for your question! I personally think it is never too late to change your mind, if something is not right for you then it’s not right for you! Plenty of people change their course at university at all different stages and at the end of the day you need to ensure you are enjoying the course you are doing. I personally would write a pros and cons list of the course and then think about what you enjoy doing and whether the course is something you enjoy doing. In terms of whom to speak to, I would speak to your tutor firstly and describe how you are feeling and hopefully he can tell you what you will be learning in second and third year so you can see if they will be more suited to you. I would also visit the Huddersfield’s Student Union’s Advice Centre so that they can hopefully point you in the right direction of a course right for you and hopefully ensure you’ll be on the right course next year. Hopefully this helps!

Q: I like to keep fit by going gym classes 4-5 times a week but with deadlines looming I’m really struggling to keep doing exercise as well as my work. What advice would you give for me to try and balance it all?

A: Thank you for your question! I know how you feel trying to balance everything and make enough time for all your activities as well as having time for yourself! I personally feel that keeping a diary and writing down when I must do what and organising your week in advance of what you need to do helps me balance all activities in my life. I also try going to the gym in my breaks between university lectures or before I go to university, so that I have time when I come back from university to carry on with university work. Also, if you attend gym classes that university puts on then it means that you can attend the classes during breaks in doing your work at library or breaks between the lectures. Hope that this helps!

Q: Hi! I’m getting towards a stressful time at uni and me and my housemates are starting to argue a bit. I know tensions are high and we’re all under pressure but how do I stop us from falling out? Thank you!

A: Thank you for your question! This time of the year is a stressful time for people at university and I am sure that all your housemates will appreciate that everyone is going to be stressful towards each other. However, to ensure that nobody gets offended, I would create a house meeting and discuss with each other that it is a really stressful time at the moment and apologise in advance for upsetting anybody. I would also create a day trip out, whether it be going for lunch or coffee or anything so you can have a break from university work and spend some quality time as friends! Consequently, this means that you’ll feel less stressed by uni work and can spend time with your housemates so you won’t feel like you spend all your time stressing out at each other. Hopefully this helps!

Q: Hello, I am starting to really struggle at university now it is coming up to exam season. I really do not do well at exams at all and I am usually much better at assignments. I also find it really difficult to revise for exams. I was wondering if you could give me any tips or advice to revise for exams!

A: Thank you for your question! Well to begin with do not worry you are not alone plenty of people find exams more stressful than assignments and just panic when it comes to exam season! People’s learning techniques are all different, people learn from writing things down, people learn from listening to lectures on lecture capture and some just learn from reading. I think the most important thing for you to do is find your learning technique, see how you learn best. For me personally when it comes to exam season, I write all my notes out and do practice questions over and over again but use bright coloured pens and paper whilst doing it, so my brain stays interested! Another few tips that I have learnt on how to revise is to sit at a desk, like you would in an exam, to do your revision it then helps you remember the information you learned when you’re actually sitting in the exam. Some people also suggest having a strong smell of perfume or something near you when you revise, and then spray it on yourself before you enter the exam room, it apparently helps you remember the information you learnt whilst revising. Finally, I am sure you have heard it a million times before but ensure to eat a banana or any fruit before the exam, as it slowly releases energy so it helps you maintain energy throughout the exam, make sure you have no fizzy drinks, sweets or caffeine as your energy levels will just crash halfway. Hopefully this helps!


If you need a little help or guidance, send your questions in to our advice column! We will be posting our answers weekly.

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