Kara Marni: Coffee House Sessions.

Credit to facebook.com/karamarni
Credit to facebook.com/karamarni

Signed onto the same management as Zayn Malik, Rita Ora and Ellie Goulding, the University of Huddersfield welcomes Kara Marni, the latest artist to visit as part of the Coffee House Tour.

The lively bundle of energy that is 19-year-old Marni made a lasting impression on her audience at her recent performance in the SU with her incredible vocal skills, her lively on stage presence and her seamless talent that oozed off the stage.

Performing a host of various well known songs but stamping them with her own unique style, Marni treated us to things such as a beautiful, fresh rendition of a Justin Bieber medley which featured the hit songs such as Love Yourself’ and What Do You Mean. Prior to the song, Marni playfully toyed with a member of the audience outing him for a fan of the Bieber.

Marni has the capability to take her audience from deep and raw tones of voice to the soaring high pitches that can only be compared to the likes of Mariah Carey; and that is no understatement!

Marni showcased her incredible vocal skills in her own version of the much loved classic Loving You, which was originally performed and released by Minnie Riperton in 1975. Marni was clearly lost in the music on stage; with her eyes shut and body swaying, she softly delivered the goods of the first verse before executing THAT soaring high note in the chorus with perfection. Every single note was hit with precision, her voice never faulting.

To most people, that particular song is daunting due to that high pitched note, but this professional in the making took it in her stride, smiling softly at the audience as her vocals climbed the pitch to peak at the top; the audience sat in awe at her talent.

Clearly accumulating new ‘fans’, after her performance Marni jumped off stage and mingled, signing promotion leaflets as she made her way around the room, taking the time to speak to people individually.

With new music being released on tomorrow (24th March), you should place your bets as this singer is one to keep an eye on; Kara Marni is going to creep up on the world and take it by storm.

Check out all of her social media feeds below to stay in touch with a women who is on the rise to success.

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