Tom Prior Review: Coffee House Sessions.

tompriorExcellent would be a huge understatement to describe the vocals, the presence and the talent of Londoner Tom Prior after his recent performance in The University of Huddersfield’s Student Central as part of The Coffee House Tour.
At the humble age of 24, the singer is bound for success with the likes of Paloma Faith, Labrinth and the Arctic Monkeys all publicly supporting him after his recent appearance in the BBC Live Lounge with well-known artist Naughty Boy. But that’s not the only connection to A list celebs Prior has; he is signed to the record label Island Records, who also oversee the likes of Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj and Drake to name a few!

Despite rocking up late (like a true A lister) Prior made up for the loss of time quickly by taking his place behind his keyboard along with his guitarist. After a quick introduction, the entire atmosphere in the room changed as soon as the first song, ‘Children’ began. A softly played piano track with hauntingly deep lyrics such as ‘and I know we all go grey and old in the end but I know we can feel it all again’. Priors use of pitch and tone is truly entrancing and his voice pulls on all the emotions. The singer is more than capable of taking you from a very happy, cheeky place to a dark, sombre place that slaps you in the face with hard hitting themes such as the separation of parents and the ending of a relationship.

Although there was a noticeably low turn out to the event, it did not matter as it made for better viewing and a more intimate experience with the rising star. As strange as it is to say, Tom Prior with this set of songs suited a smaller crowd as opposed to a large crowd; it made for even more compelling viewing as there was no choice but to focus on his gaze which often turned to individual people. The crowd that was present clapped enthusiastically at the end of each song, giving Prior the well-deserved approval and encouragement of a large crowd.
Prior is a storyteller through and through alongside being a true artist and a master of his gift. He has his young life’s experiences deep rooted into every song that he passionately creates, although he presents them in a way that is relatable and endearing to an audience. Through his choice of lyrics and the simple, catchy melody he chooses to accompany them with, Prior makes a hard-hitting impact on the atmosphere around him.

Prior recently released three artistically different versions of his latest EP the Sunday Scene, which comprises of four ‘heartfelt tracks that will remind everybody that not only is Tom ‘one to watch’ but that he is here to stay’. One is the original version of the EP, the next is an acoustic version of the four tracks and the third is ‘The Sunday Scene Lock In’ edition which features collaborations with ‘up and coming artists’.

All three versions of the EP, plus older material, is available via Sound cloud:, Spotify: and YouTube:

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