John Nicholas Review: Coffee House Sessions.

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Rather fittingly, this week’s Coffee House Session fell on St David’s Day and with it saw Welsh singer-songwriter, John Nicholas, showcase songs from his well-anticipated debut EP which is set to be released this summer.


Nicholas takes to the stage and stands between two microphones to introduce his first song, ‘Won’t Fall’.  The need for two microphones becomes clear, as the use of a loop pedal throughout the set provides him with the harmonies to take all the benefits of having a band, without a physical band present. Sitting and watching Nicholas perform, it comes as no shock to watch people enter the SU, and rather than walking straight through, stopping to listen to the folksy/gritty vocals coming from the stage. Nicholas’ songs are well written, relatable and easy on the ear, with even the sound guy bopping his head to the rhythm.


Introducing his second song, Nicholas takes the opportunity to revel in his country’s day of celebration, singing the second half of his song, ‘Better Things’ in his home language. The transition to the Welsh lyrics elicits an excited ‘woo’ from one girl in the crowd, whom we can only assume to be Welsh. Despite the fact the majority of the crowd has no idea what lyrics Nicholas is singing, it doesn’t stop people from taking their phones out and recording what can only be described as the most memorable song of the set.


One thing refreshingly different that separates Nicholas’ set from other previous sets is the lack of a cover song. Cover songs are always a favourite for a number of artists who perform as part of the Coffee House Sessions tour, and whilst they’re great to perform and to listen to, it’s always enjoyable to sit through a set filled with original songs. One song, however, which Nicholas exclaims to be written about his frustration of living in a small town, transitions so smoothly into the introducing lyrics of the well-known song from the band, Steam: ‘Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye’, it almost goes unnoticed. The end of the set gives Nicholas the opportunity to perform his latest single, which is now available to listen to on Spotify, ‘What Is Love?’. With lyrics likes ‘If you wanna know what love is, take a look at yourself and how much you are loved’, it’s hard to not feel uplifted!


There’s no denying that we have been introduced to an artist who is going to find themselves in the spotlight; it’s only a matter of time. If you want to catch John Nicholas for yourself, you can check out his social media platforms:


Twitter: @jnmusic24

Facebook: johnnicholasmusic


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