Coffee House Sessions: April Keen

April Keen


Calming, refreshing and endearing are the three words that could be used to describe the music of the student from London; April Keen.

Gracious, polite and success hungry are three words that could also be opted for to describe the young women who graced Huddersfield’s SU with her presence as part of The Coffee House Tour this week.

You would be forgiven for aging Miss Keen. At the young age of 19, she does nothing but exude the maturity of a woman twice her age; she is confident and sure of her musical talent. The up and coming musician already has the ability to capture her audience with sweetness. Taking the stage and politely introducing herself, Keen looks to her right as a cue for her guitarist, and friend, to begin.

The stage is framed with Keen stood behind a keyboard, which she begins to gently play. Her voice is soft and the tone is mellow, with the heartfelt lyrics of her first song, ‘You Ask Me’  flowing out of her mouth.

Keen’s original song, ‘Against The Tide’, which happens to be her debut single, deals with heartbreak and trying to move on. Lyrics such as ‘days go by and I am still trying to find you’ and ‘I am on my knees asking for a last chance to finally understand that I need to set you free’ are deep; they are also telling a story of the singers’ past, but still, the notion of the song in its entirety has the ability to resonate with most people and touch them in a healing way.

The crowd that has formed is mellow with a low hum of noise coming from those at the back. Chatter circulates with murmurs of how good the singer is; this seems to come as a surprise for many. The surprises continue as Keen demonstrates the ability to switch from the keyboard to the guitar seamlessly. Her voice is reminiscent of the X Factor star Janet Devlin, mixed with the high vocal range of Birdy.

The 7 song set is a hit with the students, and Keen leaves an air of relaxation behind her as she continues on with The Coffee House Tour.


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