What’s in our Make-Up Bags?

We all have our own preferences of the little things we like to keep handy for our everyday look, and we’re all so completely different. A few of our T’Hud writers have teamed up to give you a little insight into our favourite make up products!

Charlotte TillsburyALICE DUNN – Eye makeup is my absolute obsession. I have countless palettes and quads full of gorgeous colours, and they must make up about 90% of my makeup collection. However, there’s one certain quad that I can’t help but reach for every single day: Charlotte Tilbury’s ‘The Golden Goddess’. Since I have blue eyes, the warm, golden tones make the colour pop and create a beautiful smokey eye. The mix of browns, golds, and highlighter shades make it perfect for an everyday makeup bag as you can create practically any look you’d like. It also includes both matte and shimmer shadows, again making it extremely versatile and good for on-the-go.

EyelinerI also can’t go a day without my liquid liner. My look is never complete without a cat-eye liner flick, and I find the best high street liner to be Maybelline’s ‘Master Precise’ felt tip eyeliner. It probably isn’t the best liner in the world, but for £6 it’s pretty impossible to get anything better. It’s jet black, glides on across the lid and doesn’t budge all day. It’s also extremely easy to create flicks with, so it is perfect for anybody who struggles with the proper liquid stuff (aka me!) What more could you want?

they're realThe last step for my eyes is obviously mascara. I’ve tried hundreds; from high street budgets to luxury splurges, there’s only ever been one mascara that I’ve stuck by, and that’s ‘They’re Real’ by Benefit. It’s in my makeup bag every single day. It separates my lashes and gives it the most amazing volume ever, without making them look clumpy or over-the-top. It also has the most amazing staying power, meaning I don’t end up with that annoying under the eye black smudge that appears throughout the day. It’s a little more expensive at £19.50, but it lasts for ages and is worth every penny.

narsEMILY KATE HAVENHAND – The Nars All Day Luminous Foundation in the Shade ‘Mount Blanc’ is the perfect foundation for anyone with oily or combination skin. It lasts all day on the skin without looking heavy whilst combatting oiliness. It has such a buildable coverage and you can go from day to night with just one bottle. Nars have a huge range of shades and this foundation matches my skin so perfectly. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone who has dry skin or dry patches because the formula does tend to cling to these patches and therefore makes them more visible. It really is the holy grail of foundation! It comes in at £34.

kylie kFor my lips, I use the Kyle Lip Kit in ‘Posie K’, but this was definitely a “YouTube made me buy it” purchase. There was so much hype over them I couldn’t wait to try it out. Honestly, I’m not 100% sure why they are so raved about. There is no denying that the Kylie Lip Kits come in a beautiful array of shades but apart from that I would say there are much better products out there on the market. The product has relatively good staying power but it does tend to crack or wear off right in the middle of your lips. It is a mediocre product with a luxury price tag of $29 (£23.20).

Kate MossBRIANNA RILEY – I use Rimmel London’s Lasting Finish by Kate Moss in ‘03’. The Kate Moss collection lipsticks are one of the best brands of lipsticks available on the high street, without a doubt. With impressive staying power and a wide range of colours available, the £5.49 (Boots) price tag is a bargain. Almost all the colours in the collection provide one-swipe colour, with no need to go back and forth and reapply for a higher coverage. As a bit of a victim of dry lips, the lipstick offers a more moisturising formula than most other lipsticks I have tried before and it doesn’t leave your lips feeling dehydrated (unlike the opposing Kate Moss matte collection).

Mary-LouMary-Lou Manizer is the holy grail of highlighters. With a price tag a little bit expensive for a student budget (£20 from Debenhams), I was gifted this for my 19th birthday. Having said this, I am now 5 months into 20 and the product is still going strong. The high pigmented shimmer can be subtle but also built up with ease and lasts for hours on the skin as well as months in the make-up bag. The perfect champagne-tinted colour would suit any type of skin tone and the subtle shimmer in the right areas does make a world of difference.


PrimerCHLOE ROSS – Before I do anything with my face, I use Collection’s ‘Primed & Ready’ mattifying pore minimiser primer. This primer is a god-send, as it’s powered by Witch Hazel to combat annoying little pimples. I constantly have problems with break outs due to my oily skin, and this primer helps me keep them in check whilst also serving as a brilliant base for my foundation. I’ve only just had to buy a new bottle of this recently after about 3 months which to be honest, is good enough for me. I am a lover of bargains, and this is one of my absolute steals at just £4.99 in Boots.

avon trueThis is the only foundation I have touched for about three years now. Avon’s ‘True Colour Flawless’ liquid foundation in the shade ‘Shell’. I’m an absolute worshipper of Avon products as they’re such good value for money! It’s the perfect amount of coverage for what I need and works perfectly with my oily skin. I wouldn’t really recommend it for dry skin as it does tend to show up dry patches but for me, it’s the only liquid foundation for my budget that utterly does the job. The regular price of this foundation is £12, but it’s currently on offer with Avon for just £7, so stock up while you can for an affordable, everyday cover.

rban decayAs I mentioned before I’m a lover of bargains, but sometimes I like to splash out on my favourite make up brand Urban Decay. It’s often family members go-to for my birthday gifts too, thus was the case with the ‘Naked Illuminated’ highlighter in the shade ‘Aura’. I absolutely adore this highlighter, as it doesn’t look cakey like so many of them do. I love the packaging at the lid contains a little mirror and the underneath compartment contains a lovely little applicator brush that I use whenever I put it on. It’s a subtle glitter that can be built up depending on your preference of the amount (I build mine up a hell of a lot… shiny.) I got it for my birthday in December and I’ve barely made a dent in the amount of product left, even though I use it almost every day. The retail price for the highlighter is £24, which is a little steep, but as I said, it’s just an occasional shimmering treat that really lasts.

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