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24-year-old singer/songwriter, Tom Pointer, despite growing up in a musical family, is fairly new to the music scene. Whilst attending university, a rugby injury saw Pointer make a return to his passion for music, dusting off his guitar, and realising the cathartic benefits of songwriting. Taking a poor situation and turning it into an opportunity to discover a new journey with new rewards is one of the things that makes Pointer such an admirable musician, alongside the rawness and realness of his lyrics. Since deciding to follow the path of music 18 months ago, Pointer has worked relentlessly to spread his name across the country, taking part in the Coffee House Sessions tour across the UK. His first visit to Huddersfield is definitely a successful one, taking our student union by storm. Pointer spends Wednesday afternoon performing many of his own songs, alongside a cover of musical icon, Elton John’s Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word, although he takes the opportunity to joke about it can also be referred to as a Blue cover if you’re more into the boyband scene (who doesn’t love a bit of Lee Ryan?)


Taking his place on the stage and introducing himself with no obvious nerves, it looks like Pointer has been doing this for years, despite the fact this is his first UK tour. The set starts with Pointer performing one of his original songs, Ruby, a song exploring the concept of love. The lyrics and melody of this chilled out song flood across the SU, making students turn their attention away from their work, their conversations and their phone screens to immerse themselves into the captivating set. Each original song performed brings lyrics that are relatable to any twenty-something year old, with themes of love, change and heartbreak appearing in songs like Lemon Lane, and Same Shoes. Same Shoes, being a definite standout song, focuses on the way life changes around you despite you as a person remaining the same. Lyrics like, “Stuck here in limbo, the future is in my hands. I’ve gotta get in gear” ring true for any university student unsure of their next step after graduation, which brings a feeling of ease that we’re not alone in this uncertainty of change!


Mid-set, the Elton John/Blue cover shows the versatility of Pointer as a musician. Taking a song that was originally performed by such a legend in the music world, and again by the likes of Lee Ryan and Simon Webbe (oh how we all miss Blue), and giving it his own twist, making it his own in the slightest way shows the confidence Pointer has, that we should all share, in his abilities as a musician. The performance of the cover compliments both Elton John and Blue’s previous efforts, whilst showcasing Pointer’s vocal talents that bit more.


The set is a great mix of tempos. Just as you get used to the chilled out vibe of songs like Too Young For Love, Pointer brings out upbeat songs like Fever, making it impossible for you not to get carried away with an unconscious foot-tap, that we all seem to do alongside a good beat, for some reason? The enthusiasm pouring out of Pointer is commendable. To stand in front of a crowd, no matter how big or small and perform songs you’ve written from personal experience, all the while knowing people will form an opinion of you, would be nerve racking for even the most well-toured musician, so for Pointer to come on tour for the first time and lay himself bare for the sake of sharing his music for us all to enjoy and relate to, well, he deserves a pat on the back.


If you’d like to catch Tom Pointer perform somewhere near you, you may have to wait a while, as he is still unclear of his touring plans, however we have been promised a single release sometime soon! You can keep up with Pointer’s plans over on his social medias.


Twitter: @tom__pointer

Instagram: tom_pointer





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