Donald Trump Wins US Presidential Election.

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Donald Trump is now the President of the United States of America.

 How did a candidate as boldly erratic and offensive as Trump pull this election out of the fire? Following the EU referendum and this result, it is clear that we can no longer go on brandishing all Trump supporters or Brexiters as unintelligent racists. Something else matters to voters now, the controversial personalities of Farage and Trump aren’t turning voters off, but the economic arguments they put forward seem to be resonating with voters. This is due to Trump and Farage politics being viewed as ‘radical’, and since the global crisis of 2008, perhaps there is a real audience for radical change, regardless of where it comes from. To remain in the EU was the safe option, Hillary Clinton was the safe candidate of continuity, but for those who view themselves as having little or nothing, what’s the worst that can happen in taking a gamble with the country? Jeremy Corbyn can also be viewed as a controversial candidate on the left, yet he has succeeded time and time again against the odds in his parties’ internal elections. It is obvious now that as long as it is distinctly different from the politics that has come before it, a large disenfranchised section of society will vote for it.

So is the best way to handle this process to stop fighting it and allow the electorate to continually vote for increasingly radical politicians until they get the message that these candidates offer change which they don’t want? Or perhaps this demonstrates that the system isn’t working for the majority at the moment, and a much wider discussion needs to be had about the nature in which our very society is built. When the electorate feel anything different is better than what we currently have, surely this is a message that we need to change radically for the better? Instead of allowing master manipulators to scapegoat blame onto groups like immigrants, perhaps it’s time to have an open discussion about rebuilding western society from the ground up. This isn’t an anti-capitalist message, in fact this might be the only way we save it.

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