3 ways to internationalise your uni experience

With thousands of international students and an incredibly diverse campus, it is hard to miss the fantastic cultural atmosphere at The University of Huddersfield. Getting involved in this culture will make your experience here much more colourful and diverse, something that the lecture theatre can’t prepare you for. From food festivals to samba dances, the international societies are the gateway to Huddersfield’s global community.

Welcoming all students, no matter where you are from, the societies enable you to get involved and learn all about different cultures. Aside from the super intense study, university life is incredibly vibrant and with the country becoming more globalised – now is the time to develop those language skills you’ve always intended to, refresh and gain cultural understanding, increase your international network and perhaps meet lifelong friends.

I’m certain that International students will play as vital a part in your university life as they have in mine. I’ve even had the pleasure of staying in Latvia and Germany – and let me tell you, there’s nothing better than discovering and exploring a new place. International students will be some of the most intelligent and welcoming people that you will meet, so what are you waiting for? Get involved, immerse yourself in Huddersfield’s global community, make friends and accelerate your self-improvement.

It’s so easy to internationalise your experience, here’s how:

Culture exchange
Attend and be part of international society activity- you can meet up, explore cultural traditions and activities in a range of social events that span the calendar. Many of the societies create events in local bars, or celebrate a national day or holiday with the creation of specific stalls. You can even learn language skills- useful not just for confidence whilst traveling, but in the world of employment, having the ability to have even basic conversation in different languages is often seen as an asset.

Matt Christie, International Officer at The University of Huddersfield, said: “Under one roof where else can you play sport against international opposition, eat traditional international dishes with international company or have the option to learn dozens of different languages? Remember, as well as enriching your own life you’ll also be enriching the lives of the thousands of International and European students that come to our University- they also want to know all about you!”

This is one of the most incredible experiences and opportunities available to university students. This scheme gives you the opportunity to study abroad. One course-mate ended up engaged and spent an extra year in South Korea as a result of exchange. It’s a great place to stand out in the job market as most companies look at character and value those who can work with range of people.

Mike Shirley, who spent six months in Toulon, France, with the Erasmus programme: “By taking part in the exchange, I hoped that I would gain the experience of living in a foreign country as well as learn about French culture, but really I obtained much more than that. Not only had my passion for travel been satisfied but I also met some of the most amazing people from all over the world”.

Get involved in One Campus, a yearly combined set of events increasing cultural exchange, formed of local trips and events such as Yorkshire Sculpture Park and Alton Towers. Add it to your CV; help international students develop their confidence and their UK experience. More home students are always needed at this event, so your help will be greatly appreciated!

You won’t find these awesome societies on the SU Societies pages, as they have their own section here: www.hud.ac.uk/international/society

Follow any of the following student societies on Facebook or E-mail Alan Tobi,  from the International Office, on a.tobi@hud.ac.uk for further details of how to get involved with the international student scene – and to internationalise your uni experience.


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