Lime & Ginger Cheesecake


First of all turn on the pan and put the ounce of butter in until it melts, be careful not to burn it to the pan so keep it on a medium heat. Take the biscuits; you’re going to need around half the packet of the biscuits, put them in a little bag and crush them up. The finer the crumbs the better the base though rough chunks can be just as good as they add to the crunch. Then place these ginger crumbs into the melted butter. Mix it round in the pan with the butter. When the two ingredients combine; you can take them and line the tin. Make sure there are no holes in the base and that it is completely covered. Leave to rest and set, in the fridge or on the side while you create the best bit.

Everyone knows the best bit in any cheesecake is the filling. Pour the cheese into the mixing bowl, for a smooth texture; give it a mix before adding all of the icing sugar. Remember it needs to be smooth and creamy so keep mixing while you add the icing sugar and try to work out any lumps that you see. It’s a good thing to note that this is a basic cheesecake mix and can be used for any flavours you want to do, it just so happens that I think lime and ginger go very well. So next we add the juice of one of the limes to the cheese and sugar mix , you may want to keep tasting the mixture as you add the lime juice to see how tart and sharp you want the cheesecake.

Take your mixture and layer it on top of the biscuit base, making sure to give it a smooth flat finish if you’re big on presentation that is. Place the mixture in the fridge and leave to set. Test it after an hour and if its firm, you can eat it but for best results leave it overnight. If you really want it to look professional; grate lime zest on top as well as snapping a ginger biscuit and placing its segments around the top of the cheesecake.

(Ingredients sourced from Tesco’s)[/two_third]


Ingredients – Serves 10 

2 x limes 30p each

2 oz of icing sugar (whitworths icing sugar £1)

300g of ginger biscuits (a packet) 39p

1 ounce of butter, any butter for cooking, not margarine.

2 tubs mascarpone cheese. (£1.50 each)


1 large cake tin or flan case

One small pan

A mixing bowl

A spoon

Weighing scales




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