Don’t have sex…because you will get chlamydia…and die

Although the title was written with comedic value in mind, there is a cause for concern when it comes to sexual health at University. You’re away from mum and dad possibly for the first time, and you’re ready to lose your dignity to the first person who asks for it. But a recent study by suggests we’re being a bunch of mucky people and should be wrapping our willies.

The study found that 23% of students admitted to catching an STI during their first year at Uni, and of all those questioned, 54% could not even remember who had given them their STI! 73% of students asked admitted to being under the influence of alcohol when engaging in most of their Sexy Time (but we knew that already).

This study also brings to light the importance of getting tested often. 32% of those who had caught an STI had only found out about their infection after someone they had slept with had got in contact with them about being diagnosed. A further 27% claimed they only found out they had an STI because they had used a free testing kit. If this isn’t enough to put you off sex forever, 60% had caught chlamydia, 18% had caught herpes, and 14% had managed to catch genital warts!

If you still fancy your chances the top ten most promiscuous students are as follows;

1. Theatre Studies average at 28 sexual partners at Uni

2. Dance average at 25

3. Media Studies average at 22

4. Biology average at 19

5. Philosophy average at 17

6. English average at 15

7. Sports Science average at 13

8. History of Art average at 13

9. Law average at 11

10. Geography average at 10

The most worrying aspect of this study is that 67% of students asked were willing to risk catching another STI, or pass one on, than wear a condom. Lads, we know it feels weird ‘like wearing socks in the shower’, and girls we know it’s a bit icky, but seriously, no one wants to wander around campus with an STI. There are also STI’s which cannot be cured with a quick course of antibiotics. Although not as prominent, HIV and even possibly AIDs can be transmitted through a quickie, and that is the last thing you want to catch from a one night stand!

There are no excuses, so many places around Huddersfield supply free condoms to under 25’s, and the University Health Centre will conduct a confidential Sexual Health check up on most week days. If you’re worried you have caught one of the above, don’t wait around to see if you have any symptoms, get in contact with any of the Sexual Health Clinics nearby, or a Doctor, or a Family Planning clinic, and get it sorted. Don’t give us Students a bad name!

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