5 Ways to stay fit at University

Staying fit at university is a challenge. With a plethora of activities going on all at the same time such as napping, drinking, studying, socialising and more drinking it’s sometimes hard to fit in very important things such as sleep and exercise.

However finding time to stay fit doesn’t have to be a huge chore on the contrary it can be the highlight of your week, that one activity you look forward to more than anything after a bad day or possible the one thing you turn too when your life gets stressful.

So without further ado let’s get onto the 5 ways to stay fit at University!

1.    I Just Felt Like Running

For those who haven’t seen Forrest Gump allow me to elaborate. Stereotypically we students are always looking for the cheapest method of doing something and staying fit is no different. All you need to get started is a simple pair of shorts, two feet and a feverish desire to run. It’s as simple as putting one foot in front of the other you can do it whenever you want and for how long you want making it accessible to beginners. If that sounds boring how about making it more interesting most universities have Athletics/Triathlon societies you could join to help motivate you.

For the competitive amongst us entering an organised 5K/10K will jolt you into action if only to avoid embarrassing yourself in front of thousands of people.

2.    Keep the cupboards bare of junk       


We all love junk food of some kind, whether that’s on a late night run to the takeaway or a passing visit to KFC we all subject to our cravings of sugar and fat, however this does not mean you should over indulge at home. One strategy to avoid processed and unhealthy food at home is to simply not buy it.


Blasphemy! I hear you say, but please hear me out. Sometimes students tend to eat due to boredom, stress and peer pressure, so by not buying those unhealthy goodies it makes it harder to chow down on the Doritos you love so much as you’ll have to physically move of your butt to get them. It won’t happen for every single craving but it will help to eliminate snacking and boredom eating.

3.    Join a sports society

Joining a Sports society should be high on your list of things to do at university, not just because of the awesome mates you will make, but it’s also useful for staying in shape. Most if not all Universities will have at least one sports society, whether that is Football, Rugby, Tennis, Badminton or Thai Boxing the list is nearly endless and full of variety. If your fresher’s week hasn’t had you go to a large hall/gazebo filled with all the societies promoting themselves then check your University website to see what’s on offer. I’m not saying join every single one of them just try to find a society which interests you and go to a taster session. If you find something you genuinely enjoy and want to get better at the time will fly and you won’t even realise that you’re exercising as you were too busy having fun or learning a new skill!

4.    Buy Fruits and Vegetables

Yes I know it’s not exactly ground breaking or innovative but there’s a reason why we’re all encouraged to eat 5-a-day. Often your mood and the way you feel can be influenced by the sort of things you eat, personally once I have eaten fast food I tend to feel very sluggish and hate myself that little bit more.

However some of the benefits from making better choices of food result in a re-energised and alert state ready to handle all the assignments, tests and lectures University will throw at you. Another benefits of these amazing foods is the immune system boost they give, something which helps to avoid the dreaded Fresher’s Flu or whatever germs are circulating the lecture theatres near you.

5.    Getting healthy is a habit!

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act but a habit.” Aristotle

Greatness is a series of small tasks done well everyday and by focusing on one habit at a time it enables the process to go from a task you think about doing to a task which happens automatically. Think of the principles of momentum before a snowball rolls down a hill it is very small once it reaches the bottom it is enormous and very difficult to stop. You are a snowball building small habits every month such as eating fruit and veg with every meal once it becomes habit do something else from the following list:

  • Drink 5 Litres of water every day
  • Eat 5 vegetables/Fruits every day
  • Get 8 hours sleep every day
  • Exercise for at least 3 hours every week

The reason people fail at health and fitness most of the time is they try and take on too much at one time and struggle to meet all the goals they have set themselves. One step at a time after completing one of these goals for a month then move onto the next one. Good luck with your health and fitness journey.

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