Last Orders Please – The SU Bar/Cafe to Close In January

Yesterday SU staff were told that the Bar and Cafe run in the Students Union building would close in January as part of the move to the new building. The news finally confirms the rumours that been circling ever since the new £22.5 million Learning Leisure Centre was announced.

Whilst the initial press release was keen to impress that the development would extend out of the central services building and be home to a wide range of state of the art sports facilities, it didn’t go into specifics about what the changes would mean for the SU.

It’s felt that due to the University’s town centre location, most students prefer to head into town for drinks and that the lost money could be better spent elsewhere to improve the services of the Students’ Union. Also it would be wrong to say that the closure would leave students with no place to drink on campus. Currently plans include several University run food outlets dotted around the building, some of which are licensed to served alcohol.

However, the news is not all bleak. The SU run shop will remain and is likely to be extended and there will be significantly more space for students to lounge with friends. For societies, there will be improved space to hold events, meetings and its central location should help entice more members.

Until the move, still scheduled for early next year, is finalised the rumours of just what we will get will continue. For now, maybe we should start asking the SU how they intend to help students with employment and for them to quantify just how the savings will be spent on improving student life.

In response to an appeal started by students on, T’Hud feel like it’s our responsibility to ask for your opinions on the upcoming closure of the SU Bar and Cafe and have created a survey for you to fill in below.

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