Huddersfield Students to Play in the Student Rugby League World Cup

After months of preparation and fundraising, including financial support from the Students’ Union, Huddersfield University Rugby League players Callum Boyle and Billy Griffiths are about to play in the Student Rugby League World Cup. The World Cup takes place across some of West Yorkshire’s most famous Rugby League grounds and culminates sees the best student Rugby League players from around the world coming to compete for the title of student world champions.

We caught up with Callum and Billy to hear their thoughts ahead of the tournament.

SU: Hi guys, the start of the World Cup is just days away. How are you feeling?:

CB: Excited and proud. It’s the biggest competition I’ll have ever played in and all my family and friends are coming to watch.

BG:  I’m really excited to represent my country. I’ve already had the honour of playing for England Students twice, but to play in the World Cup will be amazing.

SU: Scotland and England are in different groups, but could play each other in the knockout stages. Would you look forward to playing against each other and who would win?

CB: I’d love to play against England, and especially Billy. Playing England wouldn’t be easy as they’re a talented team, but Scotland would give everything and I’d keep an eye on Billy!

BG: We’re both very competitive, so it would be a very fiery match. It’s always nice to get one over on your teammates!

SU: How did you get picked to play in the World Cup?

BG: Along with a few other lads from the Huddersfield team I went to Yorkshire trials and progressed through to the final team. After representing Yorkshire I received a call to join the England Students squad.  Ever since then I’ve managed to keep my place in the team.

CB: I’ve been playing for Scotland at different levels since I was 17 and  I’m really pleased to have been picked for the World Cup team.

SU: We wish you all the best for the tournament and would love to see you both in the final! Just finally, why should people go and watch a Student Rugby League World Cup match?

BG: The Student World Cup is a great campaign that brings together not only the best student players in Great Britain but the best players in the world. Anyone who comes along will see some very intense and high standard Rugby League, which will make great viewing. The tournament’s on home soil so it would be great if people came out to show their support.

CB: The great thing about this tournament is that students can come out and support their fellow students playing their sport at a high level. It shows students who play sport what they can achieve if they work hard. I hope lots of students will come and watch our matches.

SU: Thanks guys. 

For more information on the Student Rugby League World Cup, or if you’d like to go and support Callum and Billy, visit

Here are Callum and Billy’s fixtures:

Thurs 4th July

8pm Scotland v Australia @Provident Stadium, Bradford

8pm England v Ireland Stadium, Batley

Sunday 7th July

12pm Scotland v Russia @South Leeds Stadium, Leeds

6.30pm England v Wales @South Leeds Stadium, Leeds

Wednesday 10th July

6pm Scotland v New Zealand @Tetley’s Stadium, Dewsbury

8pm England v South Africa @Bigfella’s Stadium, Featherstone

Sunday 14th July 

4pm Student Rugby League World Cup Final @Headingley Carnegie Stadium, Leeds

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